Manuel Jiménez Sánchez Dies At 62

Longshoreman by profession, he was closely linked to the El Faro group due to his marriage to Maite Córdoba

This past Sunday, May 2, Manuel Jiménez Sánchez died in Cádiz, at the Puerta del Mar hospital . A longshoreman by profession, Manolo, as he was known among his family and friends, was also closely linked to the El Faro group through his own marital ties. The husband of Maite Córdoba , one of the daughters of the founder Gonzalo, was the father of Mario , currently in charge of the kitchen of the landmark and historic restaurant in the La Viña neighborhood, and of Miriam , who has directed his university and professional steps towards the world of Engineering.

Manolo was, therefore, a person closely linked to Cádiz , the land where he was born on May 4, 1958 – he would have turned 63 today. It was so because of his port profession, with the ocean from Cádiz as the background of his daily trade, and because of that special seal that in this city has to belong in one way or another to a family of hoteliers, the Córdoba , who has always placed The name of Cádiz is very high in a sector, that of gastronomy, which it led brilliantly when the city and its province were still far from the current culinary boom and which currently maintains the undeniable good work of a brand that always stands out for its high quality indexes.

Manolo Jiménez Sánchez, in the words of his brother- in- law José Manuel Córdoba , was “a good person, a great person” who knew how to enjoy life with his happy spirit and who always felt especially linked to his in-laws. José Manuel, in fact, remembers the many trips they had made together and the occasions when he wanted and knew how to be one more in the day-to-day running of the hotel business: “ For us it was one more ; I had been with my sister a whole life, from a very young age. More than forty years together between courtship and marriage ”.

In everyone’s memory is the memory of a “wonderful” person who got along well with everyone and who devoted himself to his family, his wife and children, at all times and in every situation.

Among his great hobbies was soccer , with Cádiz in the first place of his preferences and with a special dedication to the football of the youngest, because, as his brother-in-law José Manuel recalls, he was for many years coach of the Civil Guard team , where he had many kids at his command who later have passed as footballers through the different echelons of the yellow team.

The family said goodbye this Monday morning, day 3, to Manolo at the Virgen del Rosario funeral home, to which a large number of people have been arriving since Sunday who wanted to testify their regret for the death, always respecting the current limitations due to the pandemic . In the response , which was “very moving” , family members dedicated a few last words to him.

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