Mack Roesch presents his new conquest, but the malicious ones noticed a detail of her mouth and even compared her to Jessica Cediel. The athlete introduced the Latina who stole her heart and users compared her to the Colombian.

Jessica Cediel’s ex-fiance, Mack Roesch, once again attracted attention on social networks and not precisely because of his photos without a shirt. On this occasion, the American gave enough to talk about after showing the new woman who fell in love with him, a beautiful young woman who, according to some Internet users, is very similar to the presenter.

Long, Mack Roesch moved away from the scandals and after his breakup with Jessica Cediel and even a dispute raging for the expensive engagement ring, the athlete distanced himself from the spotlight, but now drew attention to the present his new conquest.

After all the scandal that formed over an engagement ring, Roesch moved away from the public eye and did not share anything related to his love life again. For her part, the Bogota model has been single since that controversy and on different occasions has stated that she prefers to continue alone.

And although several months ago the athlete had been romantically linked with Maripily Rivera, it seems that that too has already been forgotten, because now Mack showed off his new girlfriend, although some did not take long to release their poison

It turns out that Roesch published a series of photographs on her Instagram account, images in which he can be seen enjoying himself beautifully with this girl named Darianny Soto, with whom he enjoys the honeys of love and makes himself look very romantic. 

However, there were those who began to sow intrigue and immediately pointed out that this model is identical to Jessica Cediel, the instructor’s ex, even saying that they are sought with the same mold and that they are both alike. 

But not only that, there were others more fixed than when they saw the postcards that Mack shared, they came out to say that his new girlfriend even has cavities, because in an image she is seen opening her mouth and they noticed something dark in her tooth, and although It could be an amalgamation, the malicious ones did not hesitate to criticize and make fun of her, some of them are very nosy!

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