Luis Dimas Dies At The Age Of 78

In the last hours, it was learned of the death of the “Rey del Twist”, Luis Dimas. His son spoke with La Radio and assured him that, despite the fact that there were pre-existing diseases, everything was surprising.

On Wednesday night the death of the famous Chilean singer Luis Dimas , known as the “Rey del Twist” and one of the main icons of the musical movement called the Chilean “New Wave”, was announced.

The news was delivered by the son of Luis Dimas, Salvador Misle, through social networks. “My dad, the king of the twist, just left,” he wrote on Twitter.

In conversation with La Radio, Dimas’s son assured that this “is a complicated moment despite the fact that there is tranquility in the family.”

“This was super sudden,” Misle confessed. “My father had pre-existing diseases, it must be remembered that in 2019 he had a heart attack, also an operation, and had other diseases such as the colon and various parts of the body,” he added.

However, the son of Luis Dimas affirms that there were no signs in the last time.

Regarding the possibility of having had coronavirus, Misle assured that there was no option of contagion.

“We take great care of him, he was vaccinated when he should be vaccinated, he never had anything related to covid,” he mentioned.

“In the last days, in the last months, my dad was in good health. I saw him a few days ago and he was fine. Today (Wednesday) it broke down and it was a multisystem failure. It was sudden, the truth was surprising, “he said.

In any case, he assured that his father “was always accompanied, he was never alone . Indeed, there was a relative at the time of his decompensation and from there he went to the hospital ”.

Regarding the artist’s funeral, he assured me that the place is still being confirmed. “We hope that in the morning everything is defined,” he said.

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