‘Love Is In The Air’: Serkan Dies At The End Of The Series?

‘Love is in the air’ has become one of the great television phenomena of the momentThe Turkish series that tells the love story of Serkan and Eda, is one of the great successes of Telecinco, accumulating millions of viewers per episode.

However, this great love story might not have a happy ending. Or at least, that’s what many viewers of the series believe. One of the great concerns of the followers of ‘Love is in the air’ is to know if, at the end of the series, Eda and Serkan will live happily ever after or if their paths will separate.

And they are not only concerned that their paths may part but that it is also in a tragic way. For this reason, for a few weeks, the most popular search for ‘Love is in the air’ fans are the following: “Serkan Bolat dies at the end”, referring to the end of the series.

Attention: Before continuing reading, you should know that below you can find a few spoilers of a part of the series that has not yet aired in Spain.

The reason for this terrible doubt that has the fans of the series uneasy is due to a fragment of episode 28 (according to the Turkish broadcast) of ‘Love is in the air’. This episode has not yet aired in Spain, in fact, it will take a while to arrive. But the images have spread like wildfire on the networks!

In this episode, Turkish viewers were horrified when they saw that the plane in which Serkan was traveling to Italy disappeared without leaving any trace. From that moment, many rumors began to circulate that the actor Kerem Bürsin was leaving the series and that for that reason, they had decided that his character should lose his life.

However, the reality is very different. Serkan will not die but will have an accident after which, he will lose his memory. Therefore, he and Eda will have to start from scratch, just as they were about to get married. A script twist that the Turkish viewers did not like at all, and that we will see to see how the Spanish viewers take it.

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