Lorenzo Valverde Died: How Did Actor Die?

The daughters of the interpreter, Loreto, and Marta, have given the sad news through their social networks

This Tuesday, Lorenzo Valverde, actor, singer, and father of Loreto and Marta Valverde, also actresses, has died. The artist has passed away at 91 years of age. Several hours before his death, Valverde was admitted to the hospital due to respiratory failure caused by unilateral pneumonia.

As confirmed by Ten Minutes, the cause of death has nothing to do with the covid, because in the health center they did a PCR with a negative result. His remains will be cremated and later transferred to the San Isidro funeral home.

Those who have communicated the sad news have been his daughters through their social networks.

Marta Valverde has added to her Instagram profile a photo of her father with her in which she has written “My daddy of my soul, today the curtain of your life has dropped, thank you for everything you have taught me and what We have enjoyed you all your family, friends and colleagues. Your sense of humor, your desire to enjoy life with the little things, your humility, your art, and above all your voice will always accompany me, I hope to follow your example, my daddy I love you and I will love you until we meet again. DEP don Lorenzo Valverde, my daddy ”. His other daughter, Loreto Valverde, who used to upload more content with him, has yet to comment on it.

Even so, on January 1, he published a photo of their intertwined hands in which he dedicated a few beautiful words: “Well, with our intertwined hands, Daddy and I have scored an open duet with the blue Danube from Ole’s Vienna concert. ! Don Lorenzo has not lost an iota of his musicality, it is wonderful to continue listening to him sing! “

The artist’s representative, Yolanda Rubio, also wanted to share her pain and has published a photo of the actor accompanied by the following text: “Today is a very sad day, the great actor and great person LORENZO VALVERDE has left us, in capital letters because it was very big in every way. For him, work was respect, responsibility, passion. Always the first to arrive at the theater and the last to leave. He never missed a single day of his functions. The producers always told me “Lorenzo is wonderful, you can tell that he is a great professional.”

Lorenzo Valverde had a magical career in the world of interpretation and music. He published several studio albums in the company of the group Los Trovadores and alone and even participated in the Benidorm Festival in 1963. In addition to making appearances in the famous show “Víctor o Victoria” accompanied by Paloma San Basilio. In 2015, his two daughters honored him on the Telecinco program Hay una cosa que te Quiero saying, and in 2016 he received the Musical Theater Award.

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