Kitah Died In An Accident On The Sánchez Highway

The urban singer Rafy Vladimir Cabrera Cordero, known as Kitah, 31, lost his life this morning when he crashed into a wall and then into a tree in San Cristóbal.

The urban exponent known as Kitah died in an accident on the Sánchez highway inside a McLaren vehicle, which according to the registration of the license plate is the property of the artist Chimbala.

According to the RD Accidents account, the accident occurred on the Sánchez highway, Doña Ana section, and according to witnesses, the driver tried to pass at high speed, losing control and hitting a wall. The vehicle was totally destroyed.

According to what has transpired, the urban artist Chimbala sold the luxury car some time ago, but without completing the transfer.

So far the interpreter of “El Juidero” has not given statements in this regard.

The businessman and influencer Santiago Matías confirmed that the person driving the car was the young man known as Kitah.

The car was completely destroyed according to the images published on social networks.

Kitah Died
The parts of the vehicle were scattered several meters from the accident site ( OMAR MEDINA )
Kitah Died
Parts of the vehicle were scattered several meters from the crash site. In the image the car engine. ( OMAR MEDINA )
Urban singer Kitah dies
The remains of the vehicle in which Kitah was traveling after the accident. ( OMAR MEDINA )

Urban singer Kitah dies

Urban singer Kitah dies

The crash caused the parts of the car to spread several meters from the scene of the incident.

According to Rafael Cabrera, the victim’s father, he came to perform on stage with Chimbala, who sold him the vehicle a month ago

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