Juani La Lechuga, Jesulín De Ubrique’s Ex-partner, Dies At 48

The woman from Cádiz died on April 14, although the news has just been confirmed by the family. 

Juana Marchante León , known as Juani la Lechuga , has passed away. The one who was the girlfriend of Jesulín de Ubrique (47 years old), which is why she rose to fame in the 2000s, died on April 14, although the news has not been known until now, as it has been. in charge of confirming the family. 

It was a breast cancer against which I had been fighting for years that caused that, at just 48 years old.

The outcome took place in the Cadiz town of Jerez de la Frontera and her mortal remains are already resting in the San Roque cemetery, in Puerto Real, where she was born.

The one who was a recognized face in television spaces such as Beside you thanks to that romance with Jesulín had a very intimate farewell as a result of the strong restrictive measures imposed by the pandemic. Her parents and brothers were able to say goodbye to him in a ceremony prior to her burial.

Now, two weeks after her departure, María José Campanario (41) has reacted, perplexed because neither she nor her husband and Juani’s ex-partner were aware of the news.

“I just found out about this news. I was very young and it makes me very sad. I feel it from the heart,” are the brief statements made to Semana magazine.

Ten years ago, there was talk of the possibility of releasing a book to tell all the secrets of the right-hander and other members of the Janeiro-Bazán clan. 

A work that, finally, did not see the light. It is also worth remembering how Juani became one of the greatest defenders of Belén and the reproaches that the Sálvame collaborator has always made to her daughter’s father for not taking care of her as she considers she should have done.


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