Saddened by the news of the death of ‘Oti’, with whom we live so many incredible moments,” lamented the group

The rock group M-Clan has announced, through a publication on its Instagram account, the death of its first drummer, Juan Antonio Otero ‘Oti ‘.

M-Clan has extended its condolences to the musician’s family. ” Our condolences to the family. DEP “, said the band in the publication.

“Saddened by the news of the death of ‘Oti’, M-Clan’s first drummer and with whom we live so many incredible moments. Goodbye to ‘ Oti ‘,” the group lamented.

M-Clan guitarist Ricardo Ruipérez has also mourned the death of the drummer. “Rest in peace Oti. We share our best years. Great albums and great tours. A very sad day. A very dark night,” Ruipérez has published.

M-Clan was born in March 1993 with Carlos Tarque (voice), Ricardo Ruipérez (guitar), Santiago Campillo (guitar), Juan Antonio Otero ‘Oti’ (drums) and Íñigo Uribe (keyboards).

This original formation was responsible for some of the most prominent Spanish rock albums, such as ‘A good moment’ and ‘Coliseum’.

Initially, the Murcian quintet opted for southern rock, of which its members are large fans. In the vein of bands like Black Crower and a debtor, to some extent, of the southern rock’ forged in the 70s, M Clan mixes blues, soul, and hard in a cocktail shaker that acquires its full effervescence on stage.

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