Josemith Bermúdez Dies After A Long Battle With Cancer

The world today is sadder with the news of her departure. Josemith Bermúdez, tireless fighter and absolute example of life died after several years fighting cancer with everything.

Josemith Bermúdez was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2017, and since then she has faced this terrible disease with courage.

It was her friend of the soul and companion of laughter and adventures, the journalist Luis Olavarrieta, who reported her departure on the networks.

“I fulfill the difficult duty of informing public opinion of the death of our beloved Josemith Bermúdez. Her departure took place at dawn today, July 31, in the company of her son, her brothers, and her closest circle,” she reads the notice.

In it, Luis shares Josemith’s wish for everyone to know the deep gratitude she felt for the unconditional support and prayers they dedicated to him. “His faith remained unshakeable and that is the message that she wanted to leave to everyone who goes through such a complex situation,” the letter continues.

Since the Venezuelan actress, host, and model with almost a million and a half followers was diagnosed with this disease, she has been a clear example of struggle, strength, and love in capital letters.

Through her various jobs, such as her cosmetic line, his book Dress to Heal, and her impeccable appearances on social media, Josemith helped many people face adversity without losing faith and will to live.

She kept the smile and positivism until the end and this was demonstrated in her last post on social networks. In it, She opened her heart and reported on the new treatment that she was starting and to which she gave himself body and soul, as always.

Josemith has left but leaves a legacy of infinite love that is eternal, almost as long as that heart with which she first conquered her Venezuelan people and later the international one.

Have a good trip, partner, thank you for everything you have given.

“The chemotherapy is doing me a lot of damage, my veins are very hard, so much that I can’t even move my arms. I made the decision not to receive more treatment for now,” she commented, although later she decided to resume it.

This year she was hospitalized several times due to complications of the disease. In March, when she was discharged after spending a few days in the hospital, she sent a message through her Instagram account.

“I’m happy at home. I spent some very difficult days. I have moments when I think I can’t take it anymore but I say to myself, ‘Let’s go’, and we keep moving forward, I have many people encouraging me. But it is very difficult to live with the pain. I am grateful for your prayers and unconditional love. I love you. Thank you for being there, “she commented.

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