Josemith Bermúdez Died: Everything You Need To Know

Josemith Bermúdez Died: the Venezuelan cheerleader who kept the faith during her battle against cancer

The animator Luis Olavarrieta confirmed the death of the Venezuelan animator in his social networks

The actress, entertainer, television presenter, singer, and businesswoman Josemith Bermúdez passed away at dawn on Saturday, July 31.

Bermúdez’s animator and close friend, Luis Olavarrieta, confirmed the information through his social networks. He assured that the Venezuelan presenter died in the company of her son, her brothers, and her closest circle.

Olavarrieta assured that among the last wishes of Josemith Bermúdez was that a statement is shared to thank the unconditional love of the public.

She was one of the presenters of the Televen program La Bomba, where her charisma and personality generated great admiration from viewers. She began her career on television in the Ají Picante program.

Bermúdez’s son is 11 years old and his name is Juan Cristóbal. After the first quarter of this year, the artist called the young man’s father to find him and take him with him to Mexico. While he was away he called her every day asking her when she was going to recover. “I feel the need to recover to bring him back,” she said in an April interview for the Shirley Vergany show.

However, her son returned months later and remained with her during the last days of her life.

The diagnosis

In October 2016, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Since then she has gone through a period of “suffering”, as she herself claimed on several occasions. The doctors estimated for her a maximum of two months of life; however, through treatments such as chemotherapy, she kept fighting the disease without losing faith.

The “strong and feisty” woman, as they considered her on the Un Día a la Vez program , had improved on a couple of occasions, but had relapses.

In mid-2019, Bermúdez showed her artistic side through music, which was a weapon to do catharsis, externalize her thoughts and bring a message of encouragement and faith to his audience.

In the description of “What do you want from me?” –A song that she dedicated allusively to cancer and that she published on her YouTube channel – she wrote: “Art plays a very important role in the resilience process. All artistic productions are made to overcome tragedy. We must not suppress art ”.

In December 2020, she shared her song “ Hallelujah” (Hallelujah) on her YouTube account, a song by Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohe that he called a song of hope.

A period of suffering and blessings

In the interview she gave Anna Vaccarella for the program Un Día a la Vez carried out in 2019, she detailed the moment of receiving the diagnosis and the initial sensations of this entire process.

“I was doing a very good program live every morning in Venezuela and suddenly I got a fever, a very strong one. I called my doctor and told him and he said ‘That may be an inflamed ovary, he may be kidding you again.’ They operated on me, they removed the cyst and when the biopsy came, which I felt very very bad, it said ‘metastasis phase four’, which is the last one ».

The doctor told him that it was necessary to perform all the required tests to find out where the metastasis had developed. After undergoing various tests, the doctors still did not have the answer; at that moment she had the “greatest spite” of her entire life.

As a result of the metastasis, she began to manifest ascites – an abnormal fluid in the abdominal cavity – and her intestines began to paralyze due to obstruction.

She decided to go to a spiritual retreat on a mountain in Merida in winter. There, providing only what was necessary to stay alive, she meditated and was facing her fears and their “shadows.” She considered that it was a painful and complicated process, but “many miraculous and beautiful things began on that mountain.”

“I cried a lot. I was deformed from crying so much. When it was time to go back to Caracas, my shaman looked at me, took my hand, and said ‘You have grown a lot. Prepare for the worst, but you will get through it. And welcome to all this that you are going to live with because when someone has to climb the mountain, you will give them your hand to climb like you. ‘ I did not understand. I said ‘Please, I feel good, I feel happy, I’m going!’ I arrived in Caracas and the fevers and terrible nights returned. It was true, the worst came: a clinic, anguish, many things, but I kept calm. Perhaps because I was devoted, but not resigned, “she confessed with watery eyes.

Bermúdez assured that later she began to live in a “simpler” way, adding that since then she focused on the essentials. In her opinion, everything is related to what provides good energy. This process helped him to value every detail, since “one does not value even the fact of being able to walk fast. (…) When a nurse came and took care of me, I thought ‘How beautiful she and her work!’ and I think I would not have seen that wonder if I had not been there, prostrate in that bed “.

Josemith Bemúdez’s career

Josemith Bermúdez was born on January 20, 1980.

Her television career began in 2001 when she participated as host of the RCTV program Ají Picante. She would return to animation a decade later when she was part of the La Bomba team.

However, Bermúdez decided to dabble in as an actress. She participated in novels such as La Invasora, Ciudad Bendita and Tormenta en el Paraíso.

She also did theater and music. In 2018, she wrote her own monologue, Dressed to heal, in relation to her experience with cancer, this was directed by Daniel Uribe. A year later she turned it into a book. “What do you want of me?” It was the song with which the artist showed her experience during the illness.

She was a businesswoman. Josemith Cosmetics launched its cosmetics line in 2018 and in 2020, it launched a shampoo and conditioner line for the Venezuelan market.

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