He scored a goal against France, the first by a Mexican playing a World Cup in Europe.

Engineer José Luis Lamadrid, a 1954 World Cup player in Switzerland and a goal scorer for Mexico, died on Sunday at the age of 91, which sparked multiple reactions in Mexican soccer to mourn the death of the former soccer player, sports commentator, and national football legend.

One of the two goals that the Mexican National Team scored against France in said World Cup was the work of José Luis Lamadrid and in the end, the Tricolor lost 3-2. That goal was the first that a Mexican made in a World Cup played in Europe. The second score by the Mexicans was the work of Tomás Balcázar, Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernández’s grandfather.

José Luis Lamadrid played for the teams Real España, Necaxa, América (twice), Toluca and Deportivo Cuautla in Mexican soccer.

In addition to developing as a footballer, José Luis Lamadrid studied engineering, which is why many knew him better as ‘the Engineer Lamadrid’; However, after retiring as a player, he preferred to dedicate more of his time to the media and in the 1980s he entered Imevisión to begin his commentary career.

The engineer Lamadrid made a partner in the area of ​​commentary with Don Fernando Marcos and during the subsequent years, he covered several World Cups, sharing a panel with José Ramón Fernández, ESPN commentator.

On radio, he is remembered as the creator of the program ‘Dos en el Area’, in which he gave the opportunity to initiate aspiring reporters and soccer analysts. Five years ago he was inducted into the Soccer Hall of Fame, in Pachuca, and had to share the stage with Jared Borgetti, Claudio Suárez, Ricardo ‘Tuca’ Ferretti, and the Italian Paolo Rossi.

According to relatives of the Engineer Lamadrid, he had one pending: the printing and publication of his book: ‘Dos en el Area’, in which he told the story of his professional life in football and in the media, written by Hugo Carreón and Roberto Vargas.

This Monday, the engineer Lamadrid will be veiled in a chapel in Gayoso.

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