Don José Luis de Los Santos was 93 years old and suffered from kidney problems.

José Luis de Los Santos, the father of veteran communicator Jochy Santos, passed away on Tuesday night.

Don José Luis was 93 years old and suffered from kidney problems and was admitted to a medical centre, according to information supplied to Diario Libre.

Jochy is survived by his mother, Dona Alida, 90.

The producer, who hosts the program “It is still early” on television, and on the radio program “El mismo golpe”, constantly shared with his followers on Instagram the happiness of having his old friends, as he used to define them.

In a publication a while ago with him, the 67-year-old announcer wrote: “Dad! A reference of love, understanding and wisdom. Always with the correct answer and from whom I inherited the love of music. Who gave me the last name, the good manners and fortitude. Lean, circumspect and gentle are your most admirable adjectives. Thank you so much. ”


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