Jesús Santrich Dies: Jesús Santrich Was Killed In Venezuela

And This Tuesday, Semana has published that Jesús Santrich was killed in Venezuela in the middle of a confrontation between criminal gangs . However, there are no further details of what happened.

The media claims to have confirmed the information with “high sources” in Venezuela. They had been talking for several months that the member of the dissidents of the extinct guerrilla Farc was in the neighboring country.

Who was Jesús Santrich?

Seuxis Paucias Hernández Solarte, birth name, was born in 1967 in Tolú and was part of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. He participated in the Peace Dialogues with the Government of Juan Manuel Santos and later returned to arms.

Recently, an extradition request to the United States was advancing against him for drug trafficking offenses. The Supreme Court of Justice of Colombia had issued a favorable opinion for this precautionary measure.

This is how death was confirmed

The information was released by Semana Magazine. This was announced by its director, Vicky Dávila:

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