Javier Hernandez Died: How Did Boni Member Of Barricada Die?

Francisco Javier Hernandez « Boni», founding member of Barricada, died this Friday in Pamplona at 58 years of age. The guitarist suffered from laryngeal cancer for which he had to undergo surgery in 2018 and lost his voice. Boni, Barricada’s guitarist, dies of laryngeal cancer.

Javier Hernandez, better known as Boni, guitarist for the rock group Barricada, «Boni» was part of Barricada from the birth of the band in 1982 in the Pamplonica neighborhood of Txantrea until its watery dissolution in 2013 with some farewell concerts in which its charismatic leader, «El Drogas» was not present. Traumatically left the band two years earlier. He began then, like this one, a solo career and published two albums, “Incandescente “ and “Requiem por el mundo 

The beginning of the band was related to us by «El Drogas» himself in a recent interview: «Without knowing him, I told him:” I am El Drogas, I have made a group called Barricada. the Txantrea and I liked it. If you feel like it, I’d like to play with you. I like L eño, Motorhead and the Pistols. ” That was the business card. “Oh, hell. I also like Rory Gallagher .” We had formal influences from all these people, but everything passed through that personal group soul of ours. We, our secret, was every other day, to go to rehearsal. We put hours in … It was what we were most comfortable with ».

After that beginning, the duo El Drogas y Boni was a roller that took the group to its highest levels of success in its first ten years. “We felt unbeatable. What I could write and Boni create with music. It’s something that has stuck with me, ”El Drogas told us. More than a thousand concerts later, with almost thirty releases between albums, compilations, and live shows and a million copies sold, the group said goodbye in 2013 after the unfriendly departure of El Drogas in 2011.

From there Boni began his solo career. « The decision has not been easy, and I fall short . I think a cycle has been completed for me, not for the group and this has made me think about launching myself into a new and exciting job, it will be like starting from scratch, there I will have to face each other with this number. I am curious to try it with the healthy intention of continuing to make songs freely and make my decisions, if this harsh voice that accompanies me allows it, “said the musician in his day.

In 2018, the guitarist announced that he suffered from cancer of the larynx and canceled his tour that year, going into surgery to remove the tumor. “The operation went well, as far as possible … the doctors were able to remove the tumor in its entirety,” said a statement from the musician on his website at the time. «The good news, very good news, is that Boni has saved his life, the bad news … is that he has lost his voice. His voice. Our voice. Your voice ”, indicated the text.

The rock world mourns the loss of one of its main references. El Drogas , who shared the stage with the musician for thirty years, has published a “post” on his Facebook account with a heartfelt farewell :

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