Inés Gómez Mont Is In Mourning, Her Grandmother Dies

Through her social networks, Inés Gómez Mont announced the death of her grandmother, Tita.

Inés Gómez Mont is in mourning, as her grandmother Tita passed away this weekend. Without revealing the causes of death, through her social networks the host sent a short message dedicated to the woman whom she considered one of the treasures of her life.

“We are going to miss you very much,” wrote Inés Gómez Mont next to a black heart and a series of photos in which she appears posing with her grandmother or, in which the grandmother comes out smiling with her grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and other family members.

Since announcing the news of the death, the driver has received hundreds of messages of condolences, among them, her friends Galilea Montijo and Michelle Torres, as well as colleagues from the entertainment medium, such as Pati ChapoyMaggie HegyiAnette Cuburu, and Sandra Echeverría, among others.

Undoubtedly, Tita’s death was a great blow for Inés, because just six weeks ago, on June 5, the driver and her sister celebrated one more birthday of their grandmother.

For the occasion, the host had dedicated an emotional message to him on social networks. “Today is another treasure of my life, my grandmother TITA. I thank life for your life, always a great grandmother and great-grandmother. God bless you always. Happy happy happy birthday grandmother. I love you, “she wrote on that occasion.

Along with the message, Inés Gómez Mont included a series of images in which Tita appears with her granddaughter Inés and with her great-grandchildren.

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