Gaby Spanic’s “New Face” After Undergoing A New Surgery

The actress and the surgeon of the stars, Dr. Luis Gil, recorded some videos to tell how it turned out and everything was. The protagonist of La usurpadora corrected her flaccidity, did a buttock lift, and accentuated her waist.

This week, Gaby Spanic announced from the surgery of the celebrity surgeon, Luis Gil, that she would undergo surgery to undergo various plastic interventions .

The loss of weight after passing through Dancing with the Stars and the passage of time gave rise to a certain flaccidity as explained in detail by the doctor.

The operation took place on Thursday and 16 hours later, the protagonist of La usurpadora reappeared in the doctor’s networks to give a taste of how everything had gone.
Although still somewhat sore, everything went wonderfully and “was spectacular”, as announced by this wizard of beauty.

“I woke up as if nothing, a little pain, normal, but super good, I am a little inflamed but the results will be seen soon,” she explained after being operated on with a face of absolute joy and satisfaction.

The maker and person in charge of this great change assured that in a few months they would show the final result of how it turned out, although she already advanced it with these words. “It was spectacular. We are going to show you how it turned out, how we did it, but later, right now he is in recovery. I inform you that everything has turned out perfect and is very good,” she reported.
As always, the Venezuelan did not hesitate to show the best of her smiles after confirming that everything went as expected and without any setback.

The actress is preparing for 2022 full of work. Next year she will return to the Televisa San Ángel recording forums as part of the cast of the telenovela  Corazón Guerrero , so you have to be up to the task, as you always are. Speedy recovery!

Gaby Spanic's New Face
Gaby Spanic’s New Face /Photo

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