Frank Suárez Died After Falling From A Ninth Floor.

The police are investigating the facts and indications of the suspicious accident of the also writer and specialist in obesity and metabolism, Frank Suárez

On the morning of February 25, Frank Suárez, a Puerto Rican writer and famous weight-loss guru, died after falling from the ninth floor.

According to People magazine in Spanish, the lifeless body of the obesity specialist was found in the condominium at his home in the city of San Juan, Puerto Rico, where he lived, according to the police report.

The author of books such as Diabetes without Problems and The Power of Metabolism died at age 71.

The authorities are fully investigating this case to find the reasons for the accident and confirm whether it was an involuntary act or a possible suicide.

Suarez created his own weight loss system called NaturalSlim that uses natural supplements combined with healthy nutrition habits and other techniques.

His work led him to achieve great success and recognition in the United States and several Latin American countries. On YouTube, he became very popular talking about how you can lose weight by eating healthy.

He was the author of 5 with which they exceeded 5 million copies sold. In them, he dealt with such relevant health and nutrition topics as obesity and being overweight. He also offered seminars around the world and shared informative videos about it on his social media.

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