The athlete of Dominican origin has given much to talk about since he was removed from the Telemundo production; now broke the silence

On April 11, during the Telemundo production elimination program, the definitive departure of Frank Beltré was announced along with actress Denisse Novoa. Now, weeks after the athlete left the sports circuit in the Dominican Republic, the baseball player opened up with the followers of Exatlón Estados Unidos.

And it is that for weeks Beltré was involved in a strong controversy after the news began to circulate that he and the so-called “Pantera” were abruptly expelled from the program. Shortly after, there would be speculation about the reasons for their departure and that is that they would have found the competitors with cell phones (which goes against one of the rules of the program) and marijuana.

It must be remembered that no one within the Telemundo production gave explanations of why these two athletes were removed. The only thing that Frederik Oldenburg, host of this edition, mentioned is that some players broke certain rules.

Frank Beltré Exatlón
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Although Beltré mentioned that he was going to do a live on Instagram to clarify the situation and answer questions that were on the air, he ended up making a sudden decision: he did not communicate in real-time with his fans and preferred to limit himself to taking a video of almost two minutes and a half where he talked about his situation.

In the footage, Frank apologized for not doing what he promised and explained why he ended up opting for a short message. He mentioned that many Internet users were commenting on his publications to express that if he was not going, to tell the truth, he better not say anything, period.

This may refer to the live that the other expelled, Denisse Novoa, did a few days ago from her own account. In the transmission that lasted about half an hour, the actress from Veracruz clarified to everyone that she could not give so many details about her departure due to a confidentiality contract she has with the company.

EXATLON 5 USA suspended
Frank Beltré /Photo

The reaction of Instagram users to Novoa’s ambiguous statements was quickly negative, and they criticized her for not having said anything really important. However, if Novoa clarified something, it was that his departure was not due to drug use within the competition.

Returned to Beltré, his statements were similar to those of her former competition partner, although she was much clearer and more direct: “It’s not that I’m not going, to tell the truth, it’s that I can’t go into details” From there he gave an announcement that surprised everyone and that is, if he cannot speak openly about what happened, it is because there is a possibility that both he and Denisse can return to the Exatlón Estados Unidos during the season that is still on the air.

After saying the above, he spoke about the rumors surrounding his departure that related him to drugs. Beltré, much more frank, replied “Those rumors are not true and I and my team have an answer for those social networks and those people who got that information without having proof.”

After Frank and Denisse were removed from the sports contest, they were widely criticized for not immediately making public statements on the issue. As already mentioned, the rumor of their departure began in early April, then they made it official on April 11 and the two athletes took a little longer to come out to show their faces.

Beltré wanted to defend himself in this regard and said that keeping silent was not a strategy to clean his image before others. In fact, he wanted to make it clear that he only cared about keeping a clean image for four people:

“The only image that matters to me, to Frank Beltré, is the image that my mother, my two sisters, and my niece have of me. And whatever happens, whether I return to Exatlon or not, I will always continue to be my mother’s pretty boy, my sisters’ bodyguard and friend, and my niece’s hero. That will not change”.

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