Francisca Lachapel Was Infected With Coronavirus While Pregnant [VIDEO]

In a revealing conversation with Dr. Juan Rivera in the health segment of “Despierta America”, Francisca Lachapel confessed that she felt very afraid after learning that she had Coronavirus in the first days of her pregnancy at the beginning of November 2020.

“I found out a day after I had COVID, that I was pregnant. It was a traumatic process because that had never happened to me in my life, the first time that I am pregnant and I have COVID. The feeling more than the happiness of finding out that I was pregnant, was of concern “, confessed Lachapel in the morning show of Univision.

The television presenter continued to express that at that time she wanted to undergo a checkup for her pregnancy with her trusted specialist, but that it was impossible due to the security protocols due to the COVID-19 pandemic: “I called to make an appointment to go to the doctor But they don’t see you until you’re eight weeks old and I was only like three or four weeks old.

Lachapel expressed the advice she received from a doctor in the middle of her infection with COVID-19 while pregnant: “I called and they told me: ‘Just go home, rest as much as you can, drink water if something hurts excessively as the head or in the part under the belly calls’. But there are no studies that reveal that having COVID affects your baby, but it is still a new and strange virus that everyone is learning to handle at the same time, so it is exasperating. “

At present, the Dominican star’s greatest wish is not to be infected with Coronavirus again during her pregnancy stage: “The only thing I ask of God now is to have the antibodies and not to get hold of that virus again because I don’t know in what moment is more dangerous ”.

Francisca Lachapel: When did you get the Coronavirus?

At the beginning of November 2020, Francisca Lachape l surprised all her followers by breaking down in tears on a broadcast of the show “Despierta América” by announcing that she had unfortunately been infected with COVID-19.

“Despite the fact that I complied with all the security protocols and did what I could, unfortunately, COVID-19 reaches my house,” said the 31-year-old interpreter at that time.

After announcing that she had tested positive for COVID-19, Lachapel had to leave the “Tu Cara Me Suena” competition and participated remotely in the “Despierta America” broadcasts, in accordance with the policies of Univision to avoid any kind of contagion among her co-workers.

Francisca Lachapel announced her pregnancy recently

In mid-January 2021, Francisca Lachapel confirmed that she was expecting her first child, the fruit of her marriage to the Italian businessman Francesco Zampogna.

“My love, today is a very special day because your dad and I share with the world that you are already on your way. You are a dream come true, the whole family is happy waiting for you and we can’t wait to meet you ”, confessed the Univision star in a special segment of ‘Despierta America’.

Lachapel expressed at that time that she had not announced her pregnancy until then due to the recommendations of her family doctor, who suggested that she wait a little longer to announce it with her thousands of fans who enjoy her talent on the Univision morning show every day.

So far, Francisca Lachapel and her husband, Francesco Zampogna, have not announced the sex of the baby they are expecting together.

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