Former Soccer Player And Journalist Carlos Matallanas Dies

Former soccer player and journalist Carlos Alberto Gómez Matallanas died this Tuesday at the age of 39 at the Virgen del Rocío Hospital in Seville a few days after having undergone a trachea operation and as a result of a thrombus, according to sources close to the former player.

Since 2013 Carlos Matallanas suffered from ALS, a disease that was diagnosed a year later. The journalist had recently published a book entitled ‘Life is a game. Strategy for Mario and Blanca ‘, in which he describes the parallelism between life and football. The work is narrated in an educational tone for future generations and written through his pupils through a sophisticated computer, since 2016 Carlos Matallanas lost the functionality of a large part of his body.

In addition, Matallanas published ‘ My battle against ALS ‘, in which he compiles the articles written in the newspaper ‘El Confidencial’ about his daily fight against this disease. He also wrote a blog about football and sports.

He received the Bronze Medal of the Royal Order of Sports Merit (2015) and obtained the International Association of Sports Journalism Award for the second Best Column of 2019 for his ‘Letter to Rafael Nadal’. Likewise, it gave its name to the short novel prize awarded by the Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE) and was an Honorary Member of the union.

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