Florin Opritescu Died: What Was His Cause Of Death?

Florin Opritescu was 42 years old and in October 2020 she was diagnosed with leukemia. In Spain, he became known with series such as ‘Mar de plastic’ and ‘La Unidad’

Romanian actor Florin Opritescu, known in Spain for his roles in series such as Mar de plastic and La Unidad, has died at the age of 42. This has been announced on social networks by some of his filming colleagues, who lament the loss of an interpreter so young that little by little he became known in our country with some of the most popular series in recent years.

His colleagues in the profession say goodbye to him with affection and respect.

“Have a good trip, Florin. A beautiful giant with a heart of gold,” actor Fernando Cayo wrote on Instagram, who shared a filming set with him in Mar de plastic. In the successful series that Antena 3 aired between 2015 and 2016, Opritescu gave life to Vlad Dragic, a character who acquired considerable importance in the second season.

Born in Romania in 1979, Florin Opritescu shared with his followers a few weeks ago that in October 2020 he was diagnosed with leukemia, for which he had to receive a stem cell and bone marrow transplant from his son. “I was fighting against this disease … and I beat him, how could it be otherwise,” said the actor in a video posted on Instagram last July. Opritescu was in the “post-transplant” period, with “optimism and patience” until he regained his “acting life.”

Although he always had a penchant for the artistic world, he studied Economics. In 2000 he emigrated to Spain, where he began working as a cook until he was able to focus on acting. He participated in many series, including the aforementioned Sea of ​​Plastic, She is your father, Charon, Unity, and Serve and protect. He could also be seen on the big screen thanks to films such as Dos a la carte, Plan de Fuga, Sara’s notebook, and Bajo cero.

In the memory also of the actor Alain Hernández , who will remember Florin Opritescu as “a great actor, a great companion and a WONDERFUL person”.

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