Fabio Restrepo Died: What Was His Cause Of Death?

This Sunday, February 13, the death of actor Fabio Restrepo was confirmed after staying in an intensive care unit due to coronavirus.

At the age of 62, the actor Fabio Restrepo died, who had been hospitalized at the Sagrado Corazón clinic in Medellín, since last December 23, where he had been admitted due to health complications and ended up affected by covid-19.

Fabio was hypertensive and diabetic and in December he fainted for which he had to be hospitalized; Later, at the clinic, he contracted a bacteria and later pneumonia, due to covid 19.

Although a recent photograph was released through social networks, announcing the actor’s improvement, he apparently had a relapse that caused his death.

During this period, his son Andrés, who died on January 24, was also infected with the virus. Both were pending to continue the work in the film project Oficina de Sicarios, this year in Argentina. The production can be seen on YouTube and Facebook.

Mauricio Restrepo, Fabio’s son, stated in interviews after his brother’s death that he was anti-vaccine and that recklessness led to fatal contagion; He wanted to share the story in the hope that it would serve other people who, for religious or belief reasons, have avoided vaccination.

One life, many lives.

Restrepo was born in Apía, Risaralda, and before becoming an actor he drove a taxi in Medellín, where he met the filmmaker Víctor Gaviria and turned his career around, a world that would eventually attract his son Andrés, who was also an actor and producer.

Fabio began his career as a natural actor in Sumas y Restas, by Gaviria, who offered him the antagonistic role of drug trafficker Gerardo.

Later, he was antagonistic in, Without tits, there is no paradise and appeared in series like Escobar, the patron of evil; Rosary Scissors; Lady, the seller of roses; The selection; and Nurses, among others.

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