little by little more is known about the events that led to the abrupt expulsion of two athletes and temporary suspension of six within the fifth season of Exatlon United States. There are many rumors about the causes that forced the production of the competition program to make this decision but so far, everything is mostly unofficial, although the theory of cell phones that would have been entered for the use of athletes, which is strictly forbidden, it begins to gather strength after an apparent confirmation by the team of one of the sanctioned.

Norma Palafox’s team speaks

It is the company The Marketing Jersey, a media and athlete representation company, which stepped forward and issued a statement clarifying the rumors that have surrounded its represented Norma Palafox in recent days, which would confirm that it is in fact the situation of cell phones entering the sands of the Dominican Republic is certain.

The press team The Marketing Jersey , published in the stories of your Instagram profile, reads as follows:

“To public opinion

With the intention of clarifying the rumors that have been falsely spread in the last 24 hours, it is made public that Norma Palafox continues to compete in Exatlon United States. Within the Reality Show there are some rules of telephone communication with the outside world that apply to all participants. 

Norma Palafox and the other participants were temporarily suspended and will return to the competition in the next few days. “

The audience reacts

The comments on this have not been long in coming. Although cell phones and their use within the Exatlon United States certainly represent a breach of the contract they signed at the beginning of the competition, fans wonder, although if it is correct to sanction athletes, who entered cell phones into the competition? Don’t miss this video courtesy of the Exatlon United States fan portal Madison Entertainment:

The comments of the fans have not been long in coming, wondering how these phones would have gotten into the hands of the athletes if they represent a breach of the internal competition laws, and besides, how taking into account the global situation due to COVID- 19, do not let athletes communicate with loved ones. This was commented by a follower in the video: “I know there are rules but I don’t blame the boys for wanting to communicate with their family. This season they have not been allowed to call and with everything that happens in the world, it is very hard to be so isolated for so many days. ”

But the question that has taken a leading place is Who entered the cell phones to the competition? Who gave them to the athletes? Exatlon United States fans firmly assure that although it is logical that they sanction the athletes, they should also investigate more thoroughly who gave them the equipment to be able to make phone calls: “How did the cell phone arrive would not be the main question. But, because these adults decided to let themselves be overcome by the temptation to use the cell phone when they knew they were breaking a rule. Obviously whoever gave him the cell phone didn’t give a damn if they were punished or not. Outside the cats, even the mice celebrate. ” another follower asks in the comments section of this video that we share.

What do you think happened here? As the days go by, and the revelations of each athlete, we will learn more about what happens behind the scenes at the Exatlon United States.

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