Exatlon: Viviana Michel Wins Luxury Truck In Exatlón EU

Former América Femenil player, Viviana Michel, got five points in the Exatlón Estados Unidos tests, and won a luxury truck.

United States.- In recent days, the ex-footballer of America Femenil, Viviana Michel turned out to be the winner of a truck, after passing various tests. In statements to Exatlón Estados Unidos, the soccer player thanked God.

After winning the tests last Sunday, Viviana Michel was the winner of a luxury truck, along with the Puerto Rican Jeyvier Cintrón, for which she said she thanked God and her family.

From the first pass I was thinking about them and I think they gave me strength; I know I can’t talk to them, but thanks to them I came out without any injury, for me that is a great victory, ”said Viviana Michel.

In her comment, Viviana Michel reiterated her gratitude to God and her family for being able to win the points and thus get the truck.

Viviana Michel is part of the ‘Famosos’ team of Exatlón Estados Unidos, where there is also Norma Palafox , who in the past few days was suspended from the competition. In Liga Mx Femenil, Viviana Michel played with América Femenil in the Clausura 2019 tournament.


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