Exatlón USA: Why Norma Palafox Is Out And Who Are The Other Suspended Athletes

For weeks the Telemundo program has been in the eye of the hurricane due to some controversy; now has 6 participants punished for 3 days

Last Sunday was elimination day in the US version of Exatlon. As always, the tensions between the Celebrity team and the Contenders were running high; however, the April 11 program was characterized by the enormous number of absences that could be observed on the podium.

Frederik Oldenburg, the host of the reality show, didn’t take long to bring up the subject during the start of the show. “As you can see, there are athletes both the Celebrity team and the team of Contenders who are not today, ” said the presenter.

“To protect the integrity of the competition, there are strict rules that must be followed. Some of the athletes have not followed these rules and have been suspended for three days, ” concluded Oldenburg himself. Although he did not explain in detail the reasons why these participants were punished, it has not been a new topic in the media either.

Do not forget that a few weeks ago information began to circulate in which two Exatlón Estados Unidos contestants were expelled from the program for possession of marijuana and for having cell phones. At that time it was pointed out to Denisse Novoa “Panther” and Frank Beltre.

EXATLON 5 USA suspended
Frank Beltré /Photo

A week ago they were still seen on the program, in addition to their social networks they continued to upload updates of it through their temporary stories; however, these two athletes were also not present in last Sunday’s broadcast. Oldenburg explained why: ” Frank Beltré, from the Celebrity team, and Denisse Novoa, from the Contestants team, will no longer be in the competition.”

Denisse Novoa
Denisse Novoa

In total, 6 players were suspended, three from the red team and three from the blue team. Among the first are Norma Palafox, Eric Alejandro and Nathalia Sánchez. While the second are Octavio González, Ana Parra and Rafael Soriano.

Ana Parra Exatlón
Ana Parra /Photo /Instagram

Norma is Mexican. she is 22 years old and has stood out for her career as a professional footballer. She made her debut in the Las Chivas team and participated in the U-20 championship, where she stood out for her performance. she was supposed to sign for Pachuca once her participation in this Exatlon season ended.

Norma Palafox Suspended
Norma Palafox /Photo

Eric Alejandro, 32, stood out as an Olympic track and field athlete; He participated in the 2012 Olympics in London, where he represented Puerto Rico, despite being born in New Jersey. Nathalia Sánchez, on the other hand, is a 28-year-old Colombian gymnast who was the first in her country to qualify for the Olympic games; in his case, he was preparing to participate in the upcoming competitions in Tokyo.

Octavio González is 29 years old; He is originally from Monterrey and the sport he dominates is American football, which he has practiced since childhood. This discipline has led him to be in training sessions for teams like the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys of the NFL.

Ana Parra, 25, is a Colombian civil engineer who has practiced various sports throughout her life, basketball being the one where she was dedicated for the longest time. Finally, Rafael Soriano is 23 years old and is a football player who has dedicated himself to crossfit as a personal trainer.

None of those involved have said anything about it. In their social networks, they do not touch the subject and, for its part, Rafael Soriano’s Instagram account only has a few stories where he takes up publications from fans of the program where they say they miss him in the competition.

Only Denisse Novoa, the athlete, and actress with a final expulsion shared a photo of her on her social networks. In that post, she wrote: “ Never let the ignorance or negativity of others discourage you and cloud your own sun. People will judge, they will try to stop you and they will doubt you. But as long as you stay true to yourself, your purpose, and your truth, everything else will settle in. “

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