EXATLON USA: Why Did Nicole Regnier Apologize?

There is no doubt that as the weeks progresses in the fifth season of the competition program, the Exatlon United States, the Sundays of fighting for permanence become increasingly difficult as the athletes become more and more involved both at the sporting level, as well as on a personal level, which guarantees better performance in each circuit of the so-called “fiercest competition on the planet.”

The Elimination of Nicole Regnier

The fight for permanence that eliminated Nicole Regnier took place on April 26 in the “yellow circuit” where after Team Famosos was defeated by some renewed Contestants with the incorporation of powerful replacements to their ranks, it was Nicole Regnier the one chosen by the leader of the Reds, Jeyvier Cintrón, to face the girl with the lowest score of the team, Nicole Díaz.

Nicole Diaz fought hard against Regnier, whose elimination translated into another heavy blow for Team Famosos, who lost one of their strongest athletes yesterday. Her farewell was not devoid of sadness or tears, not only from Regnier but also from her colleagues Nathalia Sánchez or Norma Palafox, who was visibly affected by this farewell.

Why did you ask for forgiveness when you were eliminated?

Nicole’s return to the arenas of Exatlon USA was fraught with controversy. The professional soccer player, a native of Colombia, returned to the Dominican Republic competition for ultimate glory, after participating, but not achieving victory in the third season. During her adolescence she lived in Italy, then she returned to her native country to join the Colombian Under 17 team and compete in the Rio Olympics in 2016, bringing her country’s tricolor to the top of the beautiful game.

On this occasion, the sounded character of Regnier played a trick on him, leading several of her teammates to complain to the production and even for Nicole to be called to talk about it with the heads of the Telemundo program. At the time, it was striking that when the young woman won the SUV, no one from Team Famosos accompanied her through the usual “lap”, only Norma Palafox.

It is also important to note that although Nicole won several safe-conduct medals, which could have helped her in this fight for permanence, that was not the case, as she decided to exchange them for the 5,000 dollars. So now that it’s out, She’s not just taking a car, but extra cash, so on that side, it’s not all that bad!

But let’s be clear, it’s never nice to be eliminated. That is why when Nicole realized that the dream of succeeding in the Exatlon United States was coming to an end, through tears she implied that she knew what they were talking about and that all those times she was seen on television hitting the benches When she lost, it was not because of a bad temper, but they came from pure frustration, and that she knew that there were children who saw her and followed her example and that it was from them she wanted to apologize.

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