Exatlón USA: Who is Ana Parra, Athlete Of Exatlón Estados Unidos 2021

Ana Parra, who is Colombian, is one of the new athletes participating in Exatlón Estados Unidos 2021, a reality show on Telemundo. She is a member of the Contestants team, represented by the color blue. In social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, the team is usually supported with the hashtag #TeamContendientes and #ExatlonEEUU.

On Sunday, April 11, the driver Frederik Oldenburg announced a three-day sanction for Ana Parra, as she was involved in non-compliance with the competition rules. However, the show’s production did not provide further details. On Wednesday, April 14, Ana returned to the circuits.

Who is Ana Parra , athlete of Exatlón Estados Unidos 2021, reality show on Telemundo

Ana Parra, who is an athlete of Exatlón Estados Unidos 2021, is 25 years old, is a model, waitress, and bartender, according to information from her biography, published by Telemundo, the television station with the rights to broadcast the program in the United States.

She was born in Valle del Cauca, Colombia, where she studied until graduating with a degree in Civil Engineering. She moved to Boston, Massachusetts, to develop professionally. However, for now, she is attending school to revalidate her university studies and be able to practice civil engineering in the United States.

Along with her studies, Ana practices several sports, although she has been more inclined to basketball. In addition, to sustain her life in the US, she works as a waitress, a bartender, and in modeling.

Ana Parra is married. There is no data on her husband, however, her image is publicly known from the photos that the model shares on her Instagram.

Ana Parra’s birthday is October 11 and this 2020 she reaches 26 years of age. One of her favorite places to travel in Mexico, which is the neighboring country of the United States.

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