EXATLON USA: Where Are Denisse Novoa And Frank Beltre?

Frederik Oldenburg will announce tonight that Denisse Novoa and Frank Beltre will no longer be on the Telemundo program

The Exatlón Estados Unidos generated a lot of controversy in recent days because they found illegal substances in two of the participants, who are no longer in the Dominican Republic.

It will be this Sunday when Frederik Oldenburg announces the expulsion of Denisse Novoa from the Contestants and that of Frank Beltre from the Famous.

Senior production officials conducted an internal investigation and discovered that some staff members helped these two athletes smuggle drugs and cell phones.

According to the show programs of that country, there would be other sanctioned participants, although the names have not yet been confirmed.

Meanwhile, the actress and the football player are already at home, but if they talk about the problem they had or if they give advances, they could face legal problems.

It must be remembered that these programs are recorded, what happens in real-time is broadcast on television two weeks later, approximately.


In the ‘Gossip No Like, Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain interviewed the program’ Keyla, the Queen of the spoilers ‘, who until a few days ago also leaked information from the  Exatlón Mexico: ‘Héroes vs titanes’ .

The girl, who has thousands of followers, said that several members of the program have threatened her for having leaked extremely sensitive information, which affects the image of the television station and of the athletes.

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