Exatlón USA: What Happened To Ana Parra in Exatlón Estados Unidos

If you wonder what happened to Ana Parra in the Exatlón Estados Unidos 2021, Telemundo’s reality show, we will be direct, she was suspended for three days of the competition, because “some of the athletes have not followed the rules of the competition,” announced Frederik Oldenburg, host of a Telemundo program in the USA.

What happened to Ana Parra in Exatlón USA ?

At minute 02:00 of the following video, you can hear the announcement of the punishment for Ana Parra and the other athletes, both from the Contendientes team and the Famosos team, and what happened on the Exatlón Estados Unidos, a reality show on Telemundo in the USA.

The famous people punished for three days were Natalia Sánchez, Eric Alejandro, and Norma Palafox, and the Contestants Rafael Soriano, Ana Parra, and Tavo González were punished.

Meanwhile, the suspended athletes were Frank Beltré, from Famosos, and Denisse Novoa, from Contendientes.

Ana Parra, 25, is a Colombian civil engineer who has practiced various sports throughout her life, basketball being the one where she was dedicated for the longest time. Finally, Rafael Soriano is 23 years old and is an American football player who has dedicated himself to Crossfit as a personal trainer.

None of those involved have said anything about it. In their social networks, they do not touch on the subject and, for its part, Rafael Soriano’s Instagram account only has a few stories where he takes up publications from fans of the program where they say they miss him in the competition.

In the team of the Famous, the participants Nathalia Sánchez , the Puerto Rican Eric Alejandro, and Norma Palafox were suspended. While in the team of the contenders, those suspended were Rafael SorianoAna Parra, and Octavio González .

Exatlón USA
Octavio González, Ana Parra, and Rafael Soriano are the members of the team of the Contestants who were suspended (Photo: Instagram @ exatlonestadosunidos)

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