Exatlón México Against Exatlón USA: In Which Edition There Is More Money In Prizes

In addition to the larger prizes that the winners of the program take, it is also possible to win as many “small” prizes that they can obtain with special challenges or with their famous Exastores

There is no doubt that Exatlón is one of the most popular programs among the Spanish-speaking population. Just a few weeks ago this reality show paralyzed its audience after the heart attack it had in its Mexican edition. For now, on the United States side, the fifth season brought by Telemundo is still on the air.

While the central focus of these productions is the demonstration of physical endurance, it also attracts attention for other reasons. One of them is the amount of prizes they offer to their athletes. Anyone who knows a little about these shows will know that sometimes the competitors are rewarded for their effort, even if they are not the final winners of their seasons.

From the above, one might wonder which of the two editions is more consenting to its athletes. On the one hand, the Tv Azteca version has given several surprises to its competitors in past editions. In them, they have offered various gifts such as dinners, visits from loved ones, video game consoles, cameras, laptops, tablets, televisions, motorcycles, etc.

Exatlón México
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However, one of the most impressive awards was that occasion in which Heliud Pulido acquired a sports Mini Cooper. This occurred during the third season and after the Olympian won one of the many circuits in the program.

In this last season, in addition to the motorcycles that were available in the Exastore, another of the most attractive prizes they gave within the circuits was an all-paid trip in the Riviera Maya for 4 days. A single day of travel in these conditions can have a price of around 13 thousand pesos per person, depending on the package.

If the aforementioned rewards are considered, in addition to many others that can be made, Exatlón México competitors have at their disposal approximately 2 million pesos in prizes alone. From there we will have to add the amount of money that each of the champions wins.

Exatlón México VS Exatlón USA

During the third season, the winners obtained 500 thousand pesos each, which adds up to one million pesos as the final prize. Now, for the fourth season that has just ended, it is not known exactly how much Mati Álvarez and Pato Araujo will receive; however, it is speculated that it will be one million pesos. If it’s for each one, it would be two million this time.

Regarding the American edition of Exatlón brought by Telemundo, the dynamics they have to obtain their prizes is the same as that of the Mexican version. They can also be made of prizes through various circuits, for challenges, or for the accumulation of points for the Exastore. Arguably, the products they offer in the latter are similar up to a point: from food to household appliances and even offering trips by catamaran (a type of boat) or by private plane.

The thing is, they have also come to offer cars for their participants. In his case, the one who received him was the actor Andoni García during his participation in the second season; this entrant won an SUV.

It is possible that the budget for “small” prizes for the United States competitors adds up to the same amount of money as the Mexican one: 2 million pesos. However, the final prize obtained by the winner of the season must be taken into consideration.

In this case, the version of Telemundo is clearer in this regard. In each season there is only one champion and not two as in the edition brought by Tv Azteca. Now, the prize money that the winner receives has not changed in recent seasons, for which he receives a total of 200 thousand dollars; that is to say, around 4 million pesos.

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