Exatlón Estados Unidos athletes will have to compete for their permanence in the program; it will be an emotional program for Mother’s Day

The athletes of Exatlón Estados Unidos have to face a duel for permanence in the program that is transmitted through Telemundo.

According to the spoiler sites specialized in the Exatlón Estados Unidos, the one eliminated this Sunday, May 9, will be a woman from the blue team, it is Karime Cabrera.

Therefore, the contestants will have a great loss in their team to continue in the competition against the Red Celebrities.

What will happen this Sunday in Exatlón Estados Unidos?

Exatlón Estados Unidos fans assure that this Sunday’s episode will be full of emotion and tears, since this May 9 is Mother’s Day in the Estados Unidos and the athletes will express that they miss their mothers and their families.

It should be remembered that the athletes of the reality show are isolated and isolated in the Dominican Republic. So they cannot have news from the outside about their loved ones.

Athletes will have an emotional moment remembering their mothers on this holiday when they are away from their families.

According to the fans, apparently one of the prizes of today’s program is a video call to be able to communicate with their mothers. 

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