EXATLON 6 USA: Who Was Eliminated On May 1, 2022?

There is no doubt, the final day of Exatlon Estados Unidos is just around the corner, and among so many emotions experienced during the current sixth edition of the competition program, Sunday, May 1st represents a very particular duel for permanence because here the finalists who will reach that final week in which everyone will be more focused than ever on achieving glory in the so-called “competencia más feroz del planeta”, but only two will make it.

Emotional night: Who was eliminated on May 1, 2022?

The first of May represents a key date in the sixth season of Exatlon United States because it was here when the panorama for the remaining athletes is clarified and it will be known who will arrive until the last minute in the fight for that final prize.

With Alfredo Pang sentenced last Friday, March 29, on May 1 it remains to be seen who would join Pang in the duel for permanence and whoever remains after this duel will be part of the group of finalists who will give everything in the last circuit is where we will see the teams since those who remain will be finalists and from now on, the fight will be individual.

The last elimination duel prior to the final week took place on the “iron circuit”. Before starting, he spoke with the presenter Frederik Oldenburg who assured him that if he had overcome this elimination duel, he would be the athlete who would have won the most feared Sunday fights of permanence 5 times, and Alfredo assured that he was ready and “determined to what was going”.

The final battle as teams, in which the five knights of the final week would be defined, began between Mateo González for the Famous and Miguel Ángel Espinoza for the Contenders, with a point for Mateo González. The first dot is red!

The girls started with Jordan O’Brian and Susana Abundis for the Contenders, O’Brien had a setback that forced her to go back to push one of the gates, which Susana took advantage of to advance, and in fact, she did, achieving the first point blue that led her to complete the 100 victories that consolidate her within this edition of the competition.

Briadam Herrera was not going to make the task easy for Team Contendientes, quickly putting the scoreboard 2-1 in favor of the Famous, on a day in which everyone was determined to win. What an exciting night!

Anisa Guajardo and Alicia Beltrán continued on behalf of the girls, with points for the reds that quickly received a response from the blues. The second round of pairings began with a 3 to 2, in favor of the Famous.

Susana remained unstoppable with the most points, tying the scoreboard 3 to 3, which indicates that it would not only be a definitive day, but also one of the records within the sixth season of Exatlon Estados Unidos.

The Reds’ scoring streak continued with a 5-3 lead, Mateo Gonzalez of the Reds squared off against Frank de la Cruz and put the gap 6-3 to the Famosos. They quickly increased to 8 to 5, everything indicates that the reds have the upper hand, but if Exatlon has taught us anything, it is to expect the unexpected.

With a 10 the Famosos won, which meant a blue fight, with Mateo Gonzalez already qualified for the semifinal. The battle would be between Yoisel Barros and Alfredo Pang. In the last battle of the season before the final day.

The victory in the duel for permanence went to Yoisel Barros, who defeated Alfredo Pang and became the finalist of Exatlon Estados Unidos.

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