Exatlon 6 USA: Is It Harmful For Athletes To Spend So Much Time In The Cabin?

The sixth season of Telemundo’s competition show, Exatlon Estados Unidos, is halfway through and it has been a particularly intense one, loaded with many emotions, new and improved circuits, and of course, 24 new warriors willing to give their all in the “fiercest sands on the planet”.

And it is that since the beginning of Exatlon United States exactly six editions ago, the audience has witnessed how virtual strangers have achieved ultimate glory by lifting that coveted trophy; which has raised names like Chelly Cantú (today the competition’s sports commentator), Nate Burkhalter, Alondra “Nona” González or Jeyvier Cintrón, to name just a few.

How Exatlon USA works

But to understand more details of what would be happening within the Exatlon United States we must go back to how the competition works. In Exatlon, whatever the country where it is held, there are two teams (in which we are concerned are Celebrities and Contenders), both have to fight in intricate circuits for different prizes week after week, and on the dreaded “elimination Sundays”, a participant of the defeated team that day, if he is the loser in the “duel for permanence”, must leave the competition.

One of those prizes for which the participants of both teams battle every week is precisely the place where they are going to sleep and for that two are destined: La Cabaña, and La Fortaleza, but for those of you who do not know, we will enter and explain a little more each.

The Cabin:

Located in the most remote place and surrounded by jungle in the Dominican Republic, La Cabaña is usually the place with the least amenities, here the athletes must remain without heating or without air conditioning and accept the natural conditions that sometimes include insects and other animals.

In addition to this, they must sleep on thin quilts that are not always the best places to rest after an intense day of circuits.

Unlike the Shack, the fortress is where the winning team of the week stays. It is a luxurious house with comfortable beds to rest, a swimming pool, an equipped kitchen, and everything necessary for the warriors of Exatlon United States to have the long-awaited balance between the circuits, and a little necessary rest and thus recharge energy for new days.

Is it harmful to athletes to spend so much time in the cabin?

The latest rumor among the fans of Exatlon United States is that it would not be beneficial for the athletes to spend so much time in the cabin, because they could even get sick, because the food would not be properly preserved, according to different videos for fans.

In these videos, they have even stated that in past seasons other participants would have gotten sick from intoxication.

The fans of Exatlon United States were quick to assure that although it is true that the cabin does not have the necessary comforts, that has not been an impediment in previous editions: “Before I remember that the athletes of both teams were very strong and endured a lot in the cabins, whether they are red or blue, they never paid attention to changing the cabin, that’s why they really want to win the fortress, now the two teams are good and put up a tremendous fight, may the best win and may God help them all.” Said a follower.

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