EXATLON 5 USA: Who Was Eliminated On February 14?

In the Exatlon United States , February 14 is not only celebrated the day of love and friendship. The athletes of both teams, Famous and Contestants, have an intense day of struggle for permanence that, according to what happens, could leave them without a girl, if the Contendings are losers, or without a gentleman, if the Famous are the ones who turn out. defeated. As the weeks go by, the fight for permanence becomes increasingly difficult, and both teams give everything to save their teammates. Exatlon USA is a game of strength, but also a lot of strategies!

The fight for permanence on February 14

The Famosos knew they would have to fight harder than usual, as the north was to score 11 points to win, after the Contenders’ win in Sunday’s advantage during the week. The game for permanence was carried out in the river circuit, with Rafa Soriano for the Contendientes and Mack Roesch for the Famosos, starting the day with force, whose first point was received by Los Famosos. On the side of the contestants, the first victory of the duel was in charge of Kelvin “El Vaquero” Renteria, in a dispute that started quite evenly.

Regarding the Contestants, Kelvin Renteria commented to Chelly Cantú that as a team they had a conversation and resumed their approach to “get on their feet” and give it their all in the elimination duel, but ultimately, the Famosos wasn’t going to make it so easy. The fight was forceful, and the Reds started with an important winning streak in the first round of matchmaking.

The second round began with the panther scoring points to the Contestants and shortening the advantages between the teams, which made the competition much more exciting, which finally went to the reds, with 10 points over the blues. Which led two girls Andrea Nerio and Gabba del Mar to dispute the final duel whose prize is to remain in the competition. The news was given by the team leader, Denisse Novoa, who clarified that Andrea Nerio would go, as Jomarie Martinez was injured.

After an intense duel between the blues in which there was no truce, Gabba del Mar was defeated, and the dream of succeeding in Exatlon USA ended for her. It is striking that the first two eliminated from the competition are athletes who returned for revenge, after having participated in previous deliveries.

About Gabba del Mar

With only 20 years old, this Puerto Rican gymnast began training her discipline at the age of five. After retiring from gymnastics, she began training in pole vault and aerial dance. She is currently a medical student at one of the best universities in Puerto Rico and maintains her sports approach that accompanies her at all times.

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