EXATLON 5 USA: Who Is Eliminated From May 2?

What a day of struggle for the permanence in Exatlon United States. On May 2, Exatlon United States athletes arrived at the arenas with a member of Team Famosos under sentence (Dave Sappelt), and the possibility that Jacobo García will face him in the elimination duel. On the side of the Blues, Joseph Padilla is the one with the lowest score, so if the Contenders were defeated, it would be him who would go head to head against Dave.

The presenter Frederik Oldenburg assured that according to what happens in this day of struggle for permanence, it would be either Joseph or Horacio who would face Dave Sappelt, if the Contestants were the losers of the pairing rounds.

The Day of May 02

The mud circuit was the stage where the athletes met in a day where what happens at the moment would be decisive to guarantee that they continue. On May 2 the knights are at stake. Elimination Sunday began with two experienced gentlemen, Octavio “El León Azul” González, and Jacobo García, where it was Jacobo who put the scoreboard one to zero in favor of the Contestants.

It is important to note that the mud circuit is one of those with a stronger degree of complexity since natural elements play against the performance and speed of each athlete. Even so, today there were different impeccable passes of replacements that have arrived weeks later to the competition, as is the case of Mirna Alma, who on the day of May 2, scored the first point for the blue team.

It was the champion soccer player Norma Palafox, who put the scoreboard in favor of the Reds with a 2 to 1 and then continued to accumulate points, it is obvious that the Famous do not want it to be an exclusive duel for their team. Regarding Dave Sappelt, Norma told Exatlon champion and commentator Chelly Cantú that her greatest contribution to the team is her competitive spirit, which is so necessary when it comes to moving forward.

Cowboy Kelvin Noeh Renteria was the one who gave the touch of emotion to a fight that was outlined even since its inception. There is no doubt that no team wants to lose today.

The Celebrities focused on widening the points gap from the start, and that’s why the advantage became obvious very early in the matchmaking rounds, they were unstoppable which made it harder for the Contestants to call.

The Tarzan of the Arenas, Jacobo García, put the Famous in Match Point, and it was the boxing champion, Jeyvier Cintrón, who gave the reds the necessary point to triumph so the elimination duel was between Joseph Padilla and Dave Sappelt, a heart attack duel, here, Sappelt refused to use his safe conduct medal, he won and the dream within Exatlon United States culminated for Joseph Padilla.

Joseph Padilla reached the fifth season of Exatlon United States in the last fight for permanence on April 25, where he stood out for his strength and how quickly he made important points that night. He is an instructor of the Mexican YMCA, characterized by his focus and good attitude, key elements to achieve glory in Exatlon United States.

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