The more the days go by in Exatlon United States, the prize that the athletes of both teams compete for today, February 24, becomes more and more important, it is the luxurious Fortaleza, a house with absolutely all the necessary comforts for rest and recreation for athletes, including a gym equipped to train and recover muscles after the arduous circuits that they have to take daily in the Dominican Republic.

A fight in the fire circuit

The middle of the fifth week of the fifth season of Exatlon United States, marked by a fight for the Fortress in the Circuit of Fire, a night past, the presenter Frederik Oldenburg announced that Team Contendientes would do the day with three casualties: Jomarie, Denise “La Pantera” Novoa, and Andrea Nerio, so it would be a difficult night for them.

The night was started by the Uruguayan of the Blues, Martin Keuchkerian, and the “Tarzan” of the Famous, Jacobo García, who scored the first point of the night, for the Contending, it was Raquel Becker who scored the first point of the night.

One of the most exciting passes of the night was with the scoreboard 3 to 1 in favor of the Famosos, Mack Roesch, and Rafa Soriano, giving a demonstration of fortaleza, precision, and speed, where the gringo won the point. The Famous continued up at the close of the first round of matchmaking.

At the beginning of the second round, Cowboy Kelvin Renteria was the one who shortened the lead between Famosos and Contendientes scoring a point for the Blues and positioning the board 4 to 3.

Although the Contestants had three athletes out, that was not noticed especially in the second round, where the mission was the long-awaited tie that Raquel Becker achieved, with a 4 to 4 on the board. And it was Leon Tavo, who made the Contestants take advantage with a 5 to 4 that could make possible the dream of painting the Fortress blue. Martin Keuchkerian continued to extend the advantage that marks an exceptional day for the Contestants with 4 wins in a row, but that was until Mack “The Machine” Roesch arrived, who in his past against Ricardo Malta, the “Catracho Pride” of the Contestants, demonstrated to all why they nickname him “The Machine”, and he put the famous 5 to 6.

In a confrontation that is gradually becoming a classic, Ana Parra and Norma Palafox measured forces, it was Palafox who re-matched the scoreboard with a solid 6 to 6 and brought the reds closer to the idea of ​​power stay in the comfortable Fortress for a few more days.

The Brujo Rafa Soriano had the responsibility of continuing to give points to the Blues, and after a circuit full of complications, it was in aiming that everything was decided and Frank Beltre put the Famous back up. It has been a very intense day! where again, the women of the Famous in charge of Norma Palafox, put the Famous back upstairs, which could let them remain in La Fortaleza.

It was Eric Alejandro who put the Reds within a victory of staying in the comfortable home, and Ana Parra who, reaching her first victory, managed to lengthen the night for the Blues, but even so, the Fortress is still red.

Congratulations, Famous!

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