EXATLON 5 USA: Who Are The 24 Participants?

The fiercest competition on the planet,  Exatlon United States, makes a big comeback to  Telemundo with a new season that premieres on Tuesday, January 26. With more drama, euphoria, agony, and excitement, 24 athletes arrive willing to give their all in a tough showdown to win more than a million dollars in prizes. This season, the Famous Team (Red Team) and the Contending Team (Blue Team) will be made up of a combination of new entrants who come in search of glory alongside some contestants returning for a second chance at the title. The intense family reality show will feature surprising circuits that will put the physical and mental abilities of the participants to the test in the greatest challenge of their lives. In this fifth edition, Frederik Oldenburg will be welcomed as a driver, who will be accompanied by the sportscaster  Marisela “Chelly” CantU.

12 new athletes, and 12 warriors returning after glory

Exatlon USA’s fifth season will feature 24 athletes, 12 brand-new warriors, and 12 returning for a rematch that could seal their fate. The six athletes returning to Team Contendientes are:

Kelvin Renteria

Kelvin Renteria, 30, was one of the participants in the third season of Exatlon United States. “The Cowboy”, as he was affectionately nicknamed, dressed in blue when he was part of Team Contendientes and was the only one of his team to reach the Grand Final. Kelvin is one of the four contestants who made it to the grand finale of the fiercest show on the planet. During his time at Exatlon,  Kelvin broke a speed record on the water circuit . He also won several bracelets for being the fastest, money, a motorcycle, and even a sports car.

Rafa “El Brujo” Soriano

Exatlon United States has several stories to tell in its four seasons, stories of overcoming, of effort, dedication, strength, and impressive physical skills, such is the case of   “El Brujo” Rafa Soriano , who participated in the second installment of the called “Fiercest Competition on the Planet”, and he recently returned in the season four break to give it his all in the so-called “Tournament of Seasons”.

Rafa Soriano is an American football player of Mexican origin, who reached the Mexican preselection U-19 running back in 2015 and was champion of CONADEIP, the national student sports commission of private institutions in 2013. He is 24 years old and currently lives in Minnesota. During his time at Exatlon United States, he has nicknamed the witch for his speed and precision when measuring forces in the arenas, together with his undeniable charisma that made him a great favorite of the fans of the Telemundo competition program.

Octavio “Tavo” Gonzalez

28-year-old Mexican and American football player, from Monterrey. He plays in the American football league in Mexico, as a defense for the “Fundidores de Monterrey”. Gonzalez received an invitation from the Vancouver BC Lions. However, an injury to his leg prevented him from being ready for the season.

Denisse “The Panther” Novoa

One of the most beloved participants in the competition. According to her biography on Exatlon USA’s official website  , Denisse was born in Veracruz, Mexico. She is 25 years old and her parents are divorced. When he was 14 years old, he went to Miami to live with his father. She continued to practice gymnastics and got into swimming, soccer, basketball, and golf, she was always a very restless girl. When he was in high school, he joined a dance group. Then he started kickboxing training and is now a member of Fight Club. He majored in international studies and is now fluent in several languages. Among them: French, German, English, and Spanish.

His brother Mauricio participated as an actor in the telenovela “Del Otro Lado del Muro”. He was also in “Mariposa del Barrio” where he played the role of Juan Rivera. Denisse was also a child artist and has always loved entertaining people. She was featured in Nickelodeon’s “Club 57” and has also appeared in music videos and beauty segments on television.

Gaba Del Mar

Gabriela del Mar started gymnastics training when she was 5 years old. Her parents divorced when she was little and that made her find refuge in gymnastics.

From a very young age, he traveled the world representing Puerto Rico. She won several awards and was one of the best of her age. When Hurricane María hit Puerto Rico in 2017, most of the island lost power and water, and most gyms were closed, the gym where she practiced was destroyed. Gabriela was forced to withdraw from gymnastics.

After this situation, he went to live with his grandmother in Orlando, Florida; until the situation in Puerto Rico improved. Later she was accepted to the University of Puerto Rico, where she had to change sports. This is when she started training with the pole vault team. He also practices aerial ballet.

Raquel becker

Raquel Becker is a 27-year-old Mexican who is dedicated to being a stuntman for action films, she loves risk and shared her passion with her boyfriend, Danee Marmolejo, who was also part of her team Contendientes en Exatlon United States. Danee was one of the first contestants to go home after sustaining an injury.

On the other hand, the Red Team (Famous) will also have 6 familiar faces. They are:

Jacobo Garcia

Nicknamed the first “Tarzan” of the competition long before Elías, he is a handball player of Mexican origin, part of the United States national team.

Norma Palafox

21-year-old Mexican soccer player and member of the Chivas club in Guadalajara, Mexico. After watching Exatlon, Palafox decided to put his professional career on hiatus to participate in sports competition.

Nicole regnier

25-year-old professional soccer player from Colombia. Her passion for sports was born as a child when she lived in Italy. When his family returned to Colombia, Regnier began his professional career in the Colombian Under 17 league. In 2014 he joined the Atlético de Madrid women’s club and later in 2016 he was part of the Colombian national team with whom he represented the country. at the Rio Olympics. He recently decided to retire and is now training to be in the Iron Man competition.

Mack roesch

32-year-old American who is nicknamed the “king of obstacles.” Mack has conquered some of the strongest competitions on television such as the American Ninja Warrior and Broken Skulls. Although he does not speak Spanish, Mack does not see Exatlon as a challenge but as an opportunity for growth.

Eric Alexander

Eric Javier Alejandro is an athlete who represents Puerto Rico and who competes mainly in 400 meter hurdles. He was born in Burlington, New Jersey, United States.

Brenda castro

Brenda Castro was added to the Famosos team in the first season as a replacement for Janelly Farías in Week 9 of the competition.

The new faces that come to seek glory in Exatlon USA are:
Frank Beltre “The Tank”

The second professional NFL player to enter the competition, and he is also from a Dominican family, like José Gumbs.

Jeyvier Cintrón (Famous)

Puerto Rican Olympic boxer who has also practiced baseball and basketball. Be careful with your aim!

Karlos Balderas (Famous)

Olympic boxer, with a great mentality, comes to triumph.

Nathalia Sánchez (Famous)

Olympic gymnast, to follow the tradition of excellent gymnasts in the Exatlon arenas.

Viviana Michel (Famous)

Professional soccer player and player of the América de Mexico club.


Ana Garza (Famous)

Player  football coming to deploy all their strength to the sands.


Martin Keuchkerian (Contestants)

Aerospace engineer and high school rugby player.

Cesar Castro (Contestants)

College football player who wants to make it to the NFL.


Ricardo Malta (Contestants)

Another obstacle course racer “Spartan Race” arrives to test his endurance.


Ana Parra (Contestants)

Fitness lover, model, civil engineering student, and played basketball.

Andrea Nerio (Contestants)

Biomedical engineering student and triple jump athlete at her university.


Jomarie Martinez (Contestants)

A personal trainer, she also plays basketball and softball.

The audience can enjoy the full episodes of  Exatlon United States live starting Tuesday, January 26, or they can catch up through the Telemundo app available on the  Google Play Store and the  Apple Store  or by visiting  Telemundo.com . Fans can join the conversation on social media on  Facebook Instagram, and  Twitter, as well as get exclusive content at Telemundo.com/Exatlon . 

Exatlon United States, produced by Acunmedya for Telemundo, is an adrenaline-charged program that seeks to find the participant with the strongest physical and mental abilities through a series of obstacle courses, extreme living conditions, and total isolation from the rest of the world…


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