EXATLON 5 USA: Where Is Denisse Novoa?

The fifth week of Exatlon United States has been a particularly intense one, from what we have seen in the different days of competitions, as well as what different portals for fans, such as “Keyla: The Queen of Spoilers” have been reporting what will happen in the next few days, and what is happening behind the scenes. While the successful format of extreme challenges takes place every day, the followers and fans of the competition are wondering what is really happening with some participants, such as Andrea Nerio, who is injured, or the iconic panther of the Contestants, Denisse Novoa.

Where is Denisse Novoa?

At this level of the competition, the fatigue of the most skilled participants and those who score the most points begin to enter the game, as is the case of Denisse Novoa, who has been able to score points constantly since his entry, so it has been one of the women who has passed the most to the different circuits and achieving triumphs for her team for the most part. That, even the neck injury that has kept her away from the arenas of competition in the Dominican Republic.

Already the fans were commenting on it in networks “the women of the contestants are the only ones making points of the team”, are some of the messages that can be found in the different profiles of social networks specialized in the competition, and many times, that excess In the past, it can play against, and bring injuries, as is the case of the beautiful Mexican with intense blue eyes, who lives in the city of Miami, Florida.


All of Denisse’s passes, which kept her team triumphant on the performance table, came to an abrupt halt when Novoa had a neck injury that initially kept her on the bench supporting her teammates, but then mysteriously disappeared from the Telemundo screens, which has led many followers to wonder, Where is Denisse Novoa?

It’s been several days without seeing the Panther, not even having an update on her status from the presenter, Frederik Oldenburg, the followers of Denisse Novoa knew a little more about how she would be thanks to a video she published after returning to YouTube, the portal specialized in Exatlon United States, Keyla: The Queen of Spoilers, where they assured that several casualties are expected from different athletes, including Mack Roesch, but that Denisse is stable and recovering from her injury.

This provides an answer to the constant incognito of the followers of Novoa and the Contendientes team, who have even come to think that something else could be happening that the production of the program is hiding, publishing messages like this: “Pantera is not very strange because that the others who have been injured even if they are on crutches bring them to the bank, something strange happens. “

On Denisse’s social networks, her team published a photo of the girl making her gesture of triumph with the following message: “We will return soon with EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING 🔥🔵”

We hope that this is the case and soon we can have the panther return to the sands of Exatlon USA to delight ourselves with memorable passes on the circuits.

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