Exatlón 5 USA: When Does Norma Palafox Return To “Exatlón”

The Mexican athlete was temporarily suspended, along with other participants of the reality show, for allegedly having violated the rules of the competition

Mexican soccer player Norma Palafox was expelled and suspended from Exatlón Estados Unidos last Sunday, along with other competitors, after breaking the “strict rules” that must be followed within the competition, according to what was declared by the reality show host , Frederik Oldenburg, last Sunday, April 11, during the broadcast of the program.

“To protect the integrity of the competition, there are strict rules that must be followed. Some of the athletes have not followed these rules and have been suspended for three days, “said Oldenburg during the program, without specifying the reason for this decision or going into more detail on the subject, which sparked a great controversy around one of the most-watched shows, which is now in its fifth season

Norma Palafox was suspended along with five other athletes; Eric Alejandro and Nathalia Sánchez, who are part of the red team, and Octavio González, Ana Parra, and Rafael Soriano, who is part of the blue team. After the expulsions began to speculate on the true reasons that led the production of the program to take this energetic measure.

When does Norma Palafox return to “Exatlón”? 

One of the theories that revolve around the expulsion, and subsequent suspension of the athletes, refers that the decision would have to do with the expulsion of  Denisse Novoa and Frank Beltré. It must be remembered that these athletes were found in possession of a prohibited substance (cannabis) and cell phones, which they would have obtained with the help of the production members themselves.

For now, only Norma Palafox has referred to the issue, since the former Chivas player released a statement through the agency that represents her, in which she clarifies the reason for her suspension; the reason was that he tried to communicate with someone from outside using a cell phone.

“Within the reality show, there are telephone communication rules with the outside world that apply to all participants. Norma along with other participants was temporarily suspended and in the next few days they will return to the competition ”, it is detailed in a statement. The sanction applied to the Mexican athlete is three days of suspension from Exatlón Estados Unidos, so very soon we will see her join the competitions. 

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