EXATLON 5 USA: What Is The Salary Of Athletes?

The fifth season of Exatlon United States is underway, and although each athlete from both teams, Famous and Contestants, receives considerable prizes week by week, which in this particular edition are juicier than ever since there are more than a million dollars, they also receive a weekly salary for being part of the competition program, which has always generated incognito among fans.

Among the famous money board and so many other benefits, there is also a weekly amount of money that each one receives, and also the final amount to the man and woman who have the important honor of having achieved until the final episode and seized the winner’s title. It is very profitable to be part of Exatlon United States!


What is the salary of athletes?

Each participant of the Exatlon United States, known as one of the most successful television programs on the Telemundo network, receives a weekly salary according to the team they stay with for different reasons. This was revealed by the knowledgeable authority on everything related to the so-called “fiercest competition on the planet”, called Keyla: The Queen of Spoilers, in a video that he shared on social networks, and many fan profiles echoed the news.

They also focus on the farewell of the last eliminated contestant, Anny Garza, belonging to Team Famosos, and also refer to the situation with the numerous injuries of both teams just over a month after starting the competition, they specify everything that Keyla revealed in her video about the salary of each athlete participating in the fifth season of the Exatlon United States and the result, they assure in the video, is much more attractive, much more than the amount awarded in other countries, making specific reference to Exatlon México participants.

What is the salary of athletes?

The salary of the athletes who participate in the fifth season of Exatlon United States has a marked difference according to the team to which they belong. In the case of Team Famosos, athletes receive $ 3,000.00 a week and the reasoning is this: Since its inception in season one, Team Famosos has been made up of public figures, mostly established athletes, actors and public figures, so take them out Their daily job is much more complicated, which would imply a higher salary.

In Contestants, the situation changes Each athlete of the blue team receives for their participation $ 1,500.00 per week for their participation. The difference in weekly salary is due to the fact that the members of Team Contendientes are mostly students, and people who do not have a job that is so difficult to get rid of, that is why the amount, according to this video, is lower .

It is important to note that all the cash or property prizes received during their time in the competition are independent of this weekly salary and the eventual opportunity to receive the final prize.

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