There is a factor that all seasons of the competition program, Exatlon United States, have in common is that as the weeks go by, the fight for permanence becomes more difficult and complex. A clear example was the duel on May 2, when two participants who came to the arenas as replacements met, Dave Sappelt and Joseph Padilla, the latter being eliminated, who had to leave the competition.

May 02: Duel for the difficult stay

Last Sunday, May 2, the complicated and controversial mud circuit was the center of a relentless fight by the Famous and Contending teams to remain in the competition. The men were in danger and Dave Sappelt, of Team Famosos, with his stay threatened by a sentence last Thursday, which forced him to be frozen until the final duel for the elimination.

With Team Famosos winning, it was the lowest-scoring contender, Joseph Padilla, who had to go to the final duel against Dave, in a clash that will go down in history in the fifth season of the competition program as one of the strongest and most exciting. , which drew attention for the claw of both participants, wherein the end Dave Sappelt prevailed, for which Joseph Padilla had to definitively abandon the competition.

But despite being a winner, there are certain things that Exatlon United States season 5 fans noticed about Dave Sappelt, which makes them think that he would want to leave the competition and in fact, would have done his best to be the one defeated. , and not Joseph Padilla.

In this visual, several important points that occurred during the final duel for permanence between Dave Sappelt and Joseph Padilla stand out. The moderator of the clip assures that Sappelt was seen very slow and disinterested during his participation, making Padilla make the first points and everything indicates that the winner would be blue.

It is that even Dave Sappelt had to his credit a safe-conduct medal, which would have subtracted a point from his opponent and would have put him closer to victory and permanence, but, despite the fact that the presenter of the program, Frederik Oldenburg asked him repeatedly if he wanted to use it, he refused and that also caught the attention of the general audience.

But the presenter of the video, assures that although it may have seemed like that, he does not believe that Dave Sappelt would have wanted to leave the competition, because since he arrived he has been focused on achieving victory and achieving the necessary evolution to caress glory within the fierce sands of the Dominican Republic.

The audience of the video agrees, assuring that they do not believe that it was the case of Dave Sappelt, who was always determined to move forward, not in vain his partner Norma Palafox told Frederik Oldenburg that one of his greatest virtues was that he looked “very competitive.”

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