Evangelist Luis Palau Dies At 86

After fighting cancer, the beloved Argentine evangelist died this Thursday at the age of 86.

The news was confirmed to Evangélico Digital by the press officer of the Luis Palau Evangelistic Association, Lizzie Sotola, who reported that Palau died this morning. On the evangelist’s official Facebook site, the news has been confirmed as follows:

After a three-year battle with stage IV lung cancer, evangelist Luis Palau departed into the presence of the Lord today, from his home in Portland, Oregon, in peace at the age of 86. We invite you to visit the next page of the Luis Palau memorial and share your feelings. www.es.luispalau.org

For more than 65 years Palau worked hard in world evangelization, for church unity, and in the biblical instruction of Christian leadership. He wrote more than 50 books and personally preached at more than 500 mass events in 80 nations of the world, reaching millions of people, face to face, with the message of Jesus Christ.

Argentine politician and diplomat, Cynthia Hotton on the death of Luis Palau: “Today he left us a tremendous evangelist who decimated his life so that millions of people may know God.” Hotton, today received the sad news of the death of the renowned evangelist Luis Palau, who suffered from lung cancer for more than 3 years.

For his part, also the Argentine evangelist Alberto Mottesi reacted through his Facebook portal:

ANOTHER FRIEND LEAVING. Today in the morning the evangelist Luis Palau left to be with his beloved Savior. Many millions knew Jesus because of him. One of the most outstanding things about Luis is that his private life was consistent with his public life. Thank you Luis for leaving us your example. See you soon!

The great Latin preacher of the 20th century

For more than 65 years Palau worked hard in world evangelization,  for church unity and in the biblical instruction of Christian leadership. He wrote more than 50 books and  personally preached at more than 500 mass events in 80 nations of the world , reaching millions of people, face to face, with the message of Jesus Christ.

With his biblical and Christ-centered message, loaded with divine power, he reached the hearts of people of all ages, cultures and social strata, becoming one of the men who spoke to more people in the world. Received by presidents, businessmen, journalists, representatives of the nobility and different world leaders of influence, he always knew, with a grace from heaven and a very specific gift from God, to reach the hearts of the great world leaders at the same time as man and man. the woman on foot.

On the other hand, through its famous radio programs that are currently broadcast on more than 4,000 radio stations in the world, added to its television and streaming programs,  Palau reached close to one billion people in its ministry of more than 65 years of labor.

From Argentina to the world

Originally from Argentina, Palau was born on November 27, 1934 in Ingeniero Maschwitz, a small town on the outskirts of the city of Buenos Aires. She accepted Christ into her heart at the age of 12, just two years after her father’s untimely death.

Palau began preaching at the age of 19 and moved to the United States in 1960 to study at Multnomah University in Portland, Oregon. While studying there, Luis met Patricia Scofield, who would become his wife and inseparable companion for the rest of his life. Together, Luis and Patricia embarked on a life of missions, first taking them to Latin America and finally to more than 80 countries around the world.

During the 70s and 80s, Palau was one of the few foreign preachers authorized to hold events of a spiritual nature within the former Soviet Union, and when the “Iron Curtain” fell in 1991, he was one of the first to carry out campaigns in outdoor stadiums in the region.

Similar campaigns in seemingly “closed” nations in the Middle East and Asia also helped break down barriers and set new standards for evangelism efforts.

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