Erasmo Provenza Announces A New Project On Television. Will He Return To Exatlon Usa?

The presenter of the first four seasons of the Exatlon United States competition program, Erasmo Provenza, caused a lot of controversy after his resignation during the fourth edition, which we share exclusively at NowHimself. And now, six months after Provenza made the decision to leave the Exatlon United States, he cryptically announced that he will return to television screens, and although he left many loose ends in his message through his social networks, the followers of the well-known presenter and a Venezuelan sports journalist have not stopped speculating about whether it is an eventual return to the program that opened the doors to the homes of the United States.

In the photo, Erasmus Provenza appears a behind the scenes of Exatlon United States, wearing the famous “speed bracelets”, with the following message that is written in English but we will translate for understanding purposes:

“I’ll be back soon!! It is going to be a very big challenge for me, and I am happily waiting for it !! Will you wait for me ????

The comments of his followers were immediate, very excited about a possible return of Erasmo Provenza to the so-called “Fiercest competition on the planet.” So much so that a follower assures him that the program without him is very different: “👏👏👏👏👏 What good news !! I hope you come back. I stopped seeing Exatlon because it is not the same.! 😢 “

But like everything else, there have also been detractors, followers of the Exatlon United States, who also assure that Provence would be “taking advantage” of the strength of the program, using a photo while it was part of it. The Facebook profile Locos Por Exatlon published the following:

In the text that accompanies the photo, they say the following:

Erasmo Provenza He made this publication with ALL the intention of creating expectations in the public. He chose a photo where he appears with the famous exatlon bracelets. With all the bad intentions of implying that he was returning.

To later make an explanatory publication where he admits that he does not return to Exatlon but that he has a new project in the Dominican Republic. THE WORDS ARE OVER where you are willing to go just for a little attention.

The clarification of Erasmus Provenza

Erasmo Provenza, who is very active on social networks and in constant communication with his followers, was quick to clarify that indeed, his new project would have nothing to do with the Exatlon United States with this message in his Instagram stories:

Different versions of Erasmus Provenza’s return to television

Since the Venezuelan presenter published that he would be back on television, the Exatlon United States fan portals have not stopped speculating possible theories. The specialized portal JacoJRx2 ensures that in fact Erasmo would be about to start as the presenter of a television program very similar to Exatlon United States and it is about Survivor Argentina, although this information is still unofficial. Do not miss this video that explains it more thoroughly:

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