Edgardo del Villar Died: How did the news anchor die?

Edgardo del Villar, the beloved presenter of Telemundo 47, died this Sunday, December 13, according to NBC New York . “Edgardo del Villar was a talented journalist and a talented storyteller with a smile that lit up the screen. We were amazed as he battled an incurable disease with remarkable determination; pushing yourself to the limit, getting back on the air throughout your treatment, and staying positive and optimistic throughout the entire process. He was our inspiration and we love him, “said Cristina Schwarz, president and CEO of Telemundo 47.” The family of our station extends its condolences to Edgardo’s mother, his brothers, his wife Carolina Novoa and his beloved daughter Dana. ”

Del Villar lost the battle with cancer, one that was in his brain.

Edgardo del Villar was operated on for three brain tumors in 2019

To the journalist of the local New York newscast Telemundo, he learned in August 2019 that he had three brain tumors. In the same month, he underwent surgery to remove three tumors. After seven hours in the operating room, Del Villar successfully emerged from the delicate surgery. It was his wife, the also journalist Carolina Novoa, who confirmed the information and explained that the good news for the journalist is that the three tumors could be completely removed.

The extracted tumors were sent to a laboratory to perform a biopsy and determine what type they are and with the results decide the treatment to follow.

In August 2019, Del Villar confirmed that he had brain cancer

Unfortunately, the three tumors that were removed were analyzed and found to be carcinogenic. So Del Villar had to undergo medical treatment. The presenter made the sad announcement through a letter.

“Carolina and I met with the medical team to see the results of my exams. Unfortunately, they were not what was expected and the doctors confirmed the presence of cancer. As I prepare for the next phase of my medical treatment, my faith in God is stronger than ever, and he has blessed me with the best medical professionals in the world. Both my family in my house and that of Telemundo 47, have been by my side since the beginning of this process, and I could not ask for stronger, more compassionate and more loving people than them. I would like to again thank Telemundo viewers in the tri-state area, as well as people around the world for their prayers and warm wishes. They have been a source of strength and inspiration for my family and for me as well.

Above you can see a photo of Del Villar with his wife, Carolina Novoa.

Edgardo del Villar said goodbye to television in August 2020

Last August, Del Villar announced through his official Instagram account that he is permanently saying goodbye to the television industry in the midst of his fight against cancer. “Today I want to share with you the closing of a very important cycle for me. I ask you to keep me in your prayers. Blessings ”, Del Villar wrote below his last video that he published, on August 24. Above you can see Del Villar’s last words to his audience.

The host talked about his fight against cancer in the video. “I will continue to send you blessings, sending you a lot of love and a lot of good vibes. Life has cycles that open and also others that close and leave us lessons that I will always appreciate, so see you later, blessings and always remember to have a great time. ”

It is worth mentioning that Del Villar has more than 20 years of experience reporting the news to the Spanish-speaking audience. He joined the Telemundo 47 news team after working as a news correspondent for Al Rojo Vivo with Telemundo’s Maria Celeste . The host was also part of Un Nuevo Día and Al Rojo Vivo .

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