Don Gato, AuronPlay’s Pet, Dies

The animal had been ill for several days. The popular YouTuber has mourned his death on social networks

Thousands of followers on social media are in mourning today. The reason is the death of Don Gato, the mascot of the popular YouTuber AuronPlay, one of the most well-known faces on the video platform worldwide. The animal had been ill for several days, and it was AuronPlay himself, through his Twitter profile, who confirmed the news.

Sad and tragic news received from the fans of “Auronplay” this morning. The famous Spanish YouTuber published on his networks that “Don Gato”, his inseparable pet, had died.

«Don Gato passed away this afternoon, he was finally unable to overcome his illness. I am absolutely devastated and at the same time full of rage and anger. Today a part of me has died. Thank you for these 8 years, I love you very much », he wrote in a post.

The post immediately caught the attention of users on Twitter and Instagram. In this way, comments of support for the content generator arose before the sad moment it is going through.

It is worth mentioning that more than a week ago, the streamer stopped broadcasting on Twitch in the usual way, because “Don Gato” began to feel bad, presenting symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting.

They say it could be liver problems, they have to do more tests. I’m not going to go direct, my head is elsewhere, with my son . Sorry ”, he wrote after going to a vet to analyze his pet’s situation.

Everything seemed to be improving. He even announced the return of his cat in a few days. However, the disease he suffered attacked more and ended up taking the life of his dear companion.

Presumably, Auronplay will not appear on streams for an indeterminate time in the face of such a difficult situation. Don Gato will remain in the memory of fans of the Spanish youtuber.


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