Silence on the radio. The veteran Dominican announcer Tito Campusano died this Thursday due to health complications. He was 84 years old.

“Today our father went to heaven leaving us a life of teaching, of humility, of work as a legacy,” said Homy.

Juan de la Cruz Sánchez Campusano was his real name and besides Tito, many knew him as “El Guapo”, with “style and elegance in every sentence”, as he used to present himself at the beginning of his programs.

For decades he developed an outstanding career on radio and later on television with his weekly show “Sábado Espectacular” on Radio Televisión Dominicana, channel 4.

For many years his friendship and work relationship with the also deceased producer and radio and television host Rafael Corporán de Los Santos was known.

Campusano and Corporán produced and hosted “Gozando con Producciones Corporán”, which had its heyday on Dominican radio in the 70s.

“Tito and Corporán made history as leaders of the music radio in a kilometric program, they were two canchanchanes in Gozando with Producciones Corporán, a program that had an impact for years, mainly in the popular neighborhoods of the capital and in the interior of the country for the money raffles, food and electrical appliances and ambulance service implemented by the old Corpo and Tito, “the artistic entrepreneur Luis Medrano recalled today.

Then Medrano added: “He was a successful announcer before he was a policeman, promoter of Brugal, insurance salesman, encyclopedias and he visited all advertising agencies and companies looking for advertising and products to raffle.”

Until the time of his death today, he professed the gospel. “Hence, he was not seen in amusement centers, we would say almost anywhere other than where his family, friends, and work,” said Medrano.

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