Exatlón: Olimpia Villalobos Said, Who Harassed Her?

Olimpia Villalobos said that one of the people who harassed her was producer Cisco Suárez

In the eye of the hurricane. The Exatlón Estados Unidos is involved in a new quite controversial and disappointing issue, as one of its former participants said she had been a victim of harassment and is already preparing a lawsuit against the program that Telemundo transmits.

Olimpia Villalobos revealed during an interview with her on the entertainment program ‘Chisme No Like’ that several people harassed her during the time she was living in the lands of the Dominican Republic.

The athlete who represented the red team two years ago still does not know against whom she will take legal action, she can go against the producer, the company in charge of the reality show, or the television station; however, she is already being counseled.

Olimpia Villalobos said that the person who harassed her is an important producer named Cisco Suárez, who, although her case has already been made public, continues to work for Telemundo.


She is 29 years old and was born in Nayarit, Mexico. Olimpia Villalobos participated in the Exatlón Estados Unido 2019 and was part of the red team along with figures such as Norma Palafox and Alejandra Sorchini.

The pole vault athlete had to leave the program in the fifth week due to a pleural effusion; that is, fluid accumulated between the lungs and the thorax.

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