Denisse Novoa Returns For The Rematch To Exatlon USA.

The fifth season of Exatlon United States has many positive characteristics: It is the first time that two winners will win. There are more than a million dollars in prizes, their new presenter Frederik Oldenburg is doing a wonderful job, and little by little she has been positioning himself, once again, in the preferences of the Hispanic audience. But there is something that has attracted a lot of attention this time, the staggering number of injuries, just six weeks after it began.

None of the injuries has been able to escape, neither the new warriors, nor those who returned to achieve victory have emerged unscathed so far in the competition, but there is an injury that has greatly concerned the fans of the competition program, it has been the from “La Pantera” from Team “Contendientes”, Denisse Novoa, whose participation in the second season left such an indelible mark that for the second time he returned to the

An injury that sealed her fate

In her first step at Exatlon United States, Denisse was well on the way to success and it was precisely an injury that forced her to make a forced stop, withdraw from the competition and undergo surgery that led to a long rehabilitation process. something that generated a lot of sadness in her followers and among the fans of the television program, because it is no secret that Novoa has managed to position herself as one of the most skilled athletes in Exatlon United States, and she definitely deserved to continue. That is why she returned, to complete the goal she set for himself in season two.

But the injuries don’t seem to leave Denisse. Now, for the second time, the “Pantera” was injured in the fifth season of Exatlon United during a run on the slide circuit. The blow this time was to the neck, which has kept her away from the competition for several days and has raised, once again, the questions of her fervent followers.

We can be sure of something, and that is that the production of the successful competition program should review the comments of the followers on social networks, because on the day of March 2, before starting the circuit, we could see Denisse accompanied by her companions, talking about her state of health and her plans to recover.

How does Denisse Novoa feel?

The “Panther” Denisse Novoa was a welcome face on the day of March 2. Denisse talked about her injury and how much it has affected her, but also assured, with the eternal smile that characterizes her, that she will soon be ready to return, as she is progressively improving, and absolutely determined to continue scoring points for her team, and even position itself as the definitive winner of Exatlon United States.

We are all waiting for the “Panther”, who will surely come to make everything even more exciting, because the “Contestants” have several impeccable women who have not stopped reaping triumphs and scoring points in the competition.

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