Denisse Novoa Left On A Trip. Did She Return To EXATLON USA?

Since the famous “Pantera” Denisse Novoa was expelled from the fifth season of the Exatlon United States competition program for a breach of contract, rumors and controversies have not stopped turning around who was one of the most beloved participants and recognized names of the so-called “Fiercest Competition on the Planet”, which is broadcast from Monday to Friday on the Telemundo network.

The expulsion of Denisse Novoa and Frank Beltre

It was on April 11 when the competition presenter, Frederik Oldenburg, announced that Novoa and Frank Beltre would no longer return to the competition because they would have “breached the contract” that they signed at the beginning, and along with them, six other athletes would enter in a period of temporary suspension that has already ended and they are back in the sands.

Many news were unofficially shared, among them the one that we confirmed in NowMismo with our sources in the Dominican Republic, about the possible entry of illegal substances and cell phones into the competition, but since this unprecedented fact in the five seasons of the television program happened, There has been no further pronouncement from the athletes, beyond ambiguous live sessions through their respective Instagram accounts, where Frank Beltre himself gave indications of a possible return to the Exatlon United States.

But on the side of Denisse Novoa, the situation was different. The athlete, who is also an actress and model, never indicated that she could return to the competition, although recently, she turned on all the alarms when through her Instagram account she said that she was at the airport ready to travel, was the destination Republic Dominican?

Denisse Novoa EXATLON
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Denisse Novoa Did you return to EXATLON USA?

Seeing Denisse at the airport ready to undertake a trip from Miami to an unknown destination, the speculations did not stop, until the girl shared a video in Mexico through her instagram stories, where she is sharing with friends and also attending different personal and professional commitments.

With this, Denisse would put an end to the rumors about a possible return to the Exatlon United States, something that Frank Beltre reinforced in his live session on Instagram where she was very emphatic when saying that “she preferred not to say anything because she was very close to returning to the competition. ”

What is definitive is that in the case of Denisse Novoa, said the return would be further and further away, since the girl is absolutely focused on her family life, and on having good times with her loved ones.

The last message on Instagram from Denisse Novoa

Through her Instagram, it is the route that Denisse chose to communicate with her hundreds of thousands of fans, and the last message she shared says a lot about her emotional state after the sounded expulsion from the Exatlon United States:

Thanks to those who were able to be with me at LIVE today and I want to remind you that although sometimes we do not understand why and how things happen at the moment, we know that it is always for our good and because life and God has incredible things planned for us and that are yet to come. I also want to tell you that I am a faithful believer that everything happens for a reason and I can tell you that my exit from the show was also a cry of life telling me that I had to return and support my family in difficult moments (which I did not know being inside and I found out when I left) and there I understood that life needed me more here. I am calm because I know that in this season as in the past I gave everything but simply life had other plans for me. And always remember that God’s plans are perfect.

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