Denisse Novoa Confesses How She Feels About Norma Palafox

In the last days of the fifth season of EXATLON United States, the eyes of lovers of the popular Telemundo show are on everything that happens in the Dominican Republic. And while any of the Reds and Blues finalists who made it to this point in the so-called “fiercest competition on the planet” can win, there is no doubt that Norma Palafox has wide favoritism to be the champion, for the claw, discipline, and strength she has shown throughout the program.

And that is known not only to viewers who follow the reality show daily but also to athletes who have passed through the program, such as Denisse Novoa, who in dialogue with Now, was sincere and confessed that she would like to see the Mexican soccer player raising the triumph cup.

The so-called “Pantera Novoa” also opened her heart and revealed what he feels for the star of the famous group, who has been an example of physical and mental struggle, as well as a great human being who has known how to make a mark among those who have known her closely.

“I think that if someone deserves to win, it is Pala (Norma Palafox) because I think she has gone through many situations and really wants to, and the truth is I would like to see her triumph,” revealed the Veracruz, who did not stay in her prediction, but also threw flowers to her countrywoman.

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“She is an extraordinary athlete. She is a very dedicated person, very disciplined, and you notice the passion for what he does, for the competition, and for exceeding himself, ”said Denisse Novoa, adding that with her way of acting and being, Palafox is a true teacher. “And I think you can learn a lot from a person and an athlete of that quality, who puts heart into it.”

But not only does “La Pantera Novoa” talk like this about Norma Palafox, other women who have gone through the show such as Wilmarie Colón and Mirna Almada, have also raved about praise when referring to the Mexican athlete.

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“Yo, my hat is off. Since I saw Exatlon outside, Palafox, I said: ‘wow’. She is a woman. She is an excellent athlete, an excellent human being, a very good competitor, very strong, “said the Puerto Rican last week, during a talk she had with her fans on Instagram, after being eliminated from the show and remembering La Roja, her eternal rival.

“Every time I touched her, as I said in my final speech, it brought out the best in me. When I went with her to compete, I said to myself “‘ tie your pants well, hit her with everything, because this woman comes to fight,” said Wilmarie.

Mirna Almada, meanwhile, assured Palafox: “Wow, Norma Palafox is very, very pretty. It’s so funny, so witty. It’s super cool. She always has something good to say, and despite the fact that we were opponents, that we were in different teams, I think I had a very good relationship with her. We always had a very nice rivalry, a very good competition. We always had a good relationship between her and me, and I have nothing bad to say ”.

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